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I am stylish, confident girl. Nature gave me beauty. I am very attractive and agreeable. Men go mad from one of my eyes, while women look with envy at me. I know how to get from life what I want. All, for which I take up, well get me, because I'm very focused and always brings to the end started. I love nature, love songs around the campfire, the smell of wet leaves, the brilliance of the snow under the sun. I like to keep the hand of my best friend. I hate lies and avarice, I can not stand by hypocrisy. A lot of things around me, bring me joy. I know how to enjoy every day, go forward and not look back. Everywhere where I appear, it is fun, my friends are always happy to me. I want to get out of life everything is possible! And very much want to find love!   more ..




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