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I am young and open for new feelings and emotions. I believe that life is full of mysteries and adventures. I don’t have life experience and sometimes I can be nave. I hope that it doesn’t frighten you. I am like bud and my soul consists of many colorful petals. I am going to spread my petals for my only man!
I am not an empty blank page that no one cares about. 
I am like a bird being free in the air. I’m like a caterpillar that flies into a beautiful creature. I hope that you will notice something magic that goes from butterfly in my profile! 
I don’t let stress get me down. I like to dream and my little fairy world often helps me to stay calm and positive. Sometimes people say that I am far from reality. But it is not so. I am very sensitive and sympathetic girl. I enjoy thinking of beauty that surrounds me and I try to make other people forget about their troubles. That’s why my friends often tell me that I am like a sparkle. I like to smile and my smile makes their life bright
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