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I am a smart and beautiful girl. The first thing that you would notice meeting me that I am very sociable, tender and gentle. I am a blonde and I try to keep this bright and light manner, this exceptional mode of attitude to all the people that surround me. I always bring the most positive energy and I like to take care of my closest and dearest ones. I do not ever impose it and my friends say that they feel so easy and comfortable in my company. You would also feel interesting being because I have a rich inner universe and so many mysteries that I even haven’t opened myself. Your love and tenderness will help me to find real me and to observe the best new sides, the best new gradations. Will you help me to do it? We will be like two new planets for each other that need careful exploration; I think we are like two stars that will only shine with the help of the hottest rays of love. Would you agree with me?   more ..




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