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2022 Cannes Film Festival: Glamour in times of war

With COVID no longer an issue, Cannes is back on the cultural calendar. However Russian participation has been barred.

Retirees, how is inflation affecting your spending?

Unless someone else does your shopping and manages your money, it’s impossible to miss the signs of inflation on your expenses.

Home Depot’s strong quarter shows housing market is still booming

Home Depot has a message for all of the economic naysayers: Hold my plywood.

Nestlé is flying baby formula into America as shortage continues

Nestlé is rushing baby formula into the United States via airfreight in a bid to ease a nationwide shortage that is unnerving parents around the country.

India: Is it time to declare marital rape a crime?

The recent failure of an Indian court to deliver a clear verdict criminalizing marital rape has highlighted the public divide on the issue.

Finland’s Parliament approves NATO membership application

Finland has overwhelmingly approved a proposal to join NATO after a parliamentary debate. Fewer than 10 lawmakers opposed the proposal.

Gerardo Parra says he is retiring as player, becoming Nats assistant

Gerardo Parra says he is retiring from baseball after 12 seasons in the major leagues and will become a special assistant to Washington Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo.

Gunman allegedly stayed inside California church for hours before opening fire

A letter claimed that accused gunman David Chou, 68, spent hours at the place of worship Sunday, before chaining the doors shut and opening fire.

White House makes 3rd round of free COVID-19 tests available to order

The White House has announced a third release of free at-home COVID-19 testing for U.S. residents.

Goldman Sachs official tells ‘Face the Nation’ the risk of recession is ‘very, very high’

Goldman Sachs Senior Chairman Lloyd Blankfein told CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday that the risk of the U.S. falling into a recession is ‘very, very high.’