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16 items from Oprah’s 2020 Favorite Things list you can still gift this year

SkyWest cancels hundreds of flights

SkyWest, a regional airline that operates flights for several major US carriers, has canceled and delayed thousands of flights over the past two days.

Biden has lost more approval at start of term than any other president since World War II, poll finds

Polling shows that President Joe Biden has suffered a larger approval rating drop at the start of his term than any president since World War II.

Heckler interrupts Kamala Harris speech in Bronx, gets escorted out

Vice President Kamala Harris was delivering a speech in the Bronx when a protester stood up and began shouting something about climate change, drownings and the “right to infrastructure.”

Alaska Seaplanes aircraft crashes on takeoff

A small plane taking off from an Alaskan airport Friday crashed on takeoff, according to news reports.

From Gabby Petito to Tyga to ‘MAID’: ‘I don’t know how many moments we have to have before it matters’

There have been important cultural moments on domestic violence before, but combatting domestic abuse requires more than increased public awareness.

The moment domesticated horses changed the course of history is revealed

The domestication of horses changed the course of human history, but scientists have tried for years to figure out when and where this crucial event happened. Now, evidence from a new study using DNA analysis suggests horses were first domesticated 4,200 years ago in the steppes of the Black Sea region, part of modern-day Russia, before spreading across Asia and Europe in the centuries that followed.

Austin’s understaffed police tell citizens to collect evidence at crime scenes themselves

A business owner in Austin, Texas says police told him to gather his own evidence at the scene of his burglarized store due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Fireball plummets to Earth. Experts think they know what it was

Experts say the fireball, captured on video across the Midwest, was likely a failed Russian satellite.

Wisconsin deputy hurt with ‘edged weapon,’ fires gun during altercation

Wisconsin authorities are looking for a suspect following an attack on a deputy who discharged her weapon during the incident.