NYPD Evidence Warehouse Erupts In Flames

NYPD Evidence Warehouse Erupts In Flames

Update (1438ET):

Local media ABC7 New York reported that the warehouse also housed “evidence.” 

The building is one of five warehouses where the NYPD stores vehicles that are confiscated. They also use the warehouse to store evidence that is too large to fit in normal storage areas.

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Social media is a buzz with footage of a massive fire at a waterfront warehouse used by the New York City Police Department. 

Local news FOX 5 New York said the Erie Basin Auto Pound warehouse is located in Brooklyn. The NYPD said a vehicle caught fire and spread throughout the facility. 

First responders arrived at the auto pound around 1030 ET. The fire is still raging two hours later. There are more than 140 firefighters at the scene. 

Here’s footage of the fire uploaded on Twitter:

The fire is visible from Manhattan. And large enough to be detected by Doppler radar. 

Other footage. 

ATF has arrived 

There’s still no word on what type of car started the fire.  

Tyler Durden
Tue, 12/13/2022 – 14:38