Insider Tells Tucker Carlson That CIA Was Directly Involved In JFK Assassination

Insider Tells Tucker Carlson That CIA Was Directly Involved In JFK Assassination

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Speculations about the circumstances and motivations behind the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy, rife at the time the tragedy occurred, have never stopped. While Kennedy’s murderer was declared soon after the assassination to have worked alone, one insider claimed to Fox News host Tucker Carlson that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was directly involved with JFK’s assassination.

Carlson noted that questions about the Kennedy assassination have been circulating since it happened, simply because there were a lot of details that didn’t add up or seemed too coincidental and the CIA refused to release its documentation on the killing.

President Lyndon B. Johnson released a report the year after JFK’s untimely death declaring that both Kennedy’s killer, Lee Harvey Oswald, and Oswald’s killer, Jack Ruby, were acting alone. About 50 years later the CIA admitted it had withheld evidence–but why is still publicly unknown. Carlson said that the term “conspiracy theory” was first brought into everyday American lexicon by the media following JFK’s assassination due to the many rumors and suspicions flying about. The phrase then–as now, of course–was used to label anything and everything contrary to a government pronouncement–both plausible questions and far-out kookiness–as pure nonsense.

Carlson cited one potentially suspicious circumstance, saying that psychiatrist Louis Jolyon West declared in April 1964 that Jack Ruby was insane after visiting Ruby in jail. West wrote that Ruby was in need of psychiatric hospitalization, even though no one encountering Ruby before had diagnosed him as insane.  West was a contract psychiatrist and mind control expert working for the CIA at the time. He was involved in the CIA MK Ultra program, which gave powerful psychiatric drugs to some Americans without telling them about it. U.S. media has never investigated why a CIA psychiatrist who specialized in uninformed mind control was diagnosing Ruby. Therefore, the reasons behind West’s selection remain lost to history.

In 1976, the U.S. House of Representatives reopened an investigation into the Kennedy assassination with a special bipartisan committee, and concluded that JFK was “almost certainly murdered as the result of a conspiracy.” What was not decided: whose conspiracy? Carlson boldly called the CIA an “obvious suspect.”  He explained his reasoning: “Why else would the agency withhold critical evidence from the investigators?”  There was a 1992 congressional law mandating all JFK assassination-related documentation be released by 2017, which ultimately did not happen. Former CIA director Mike Pompeo convinced then-President Donald Trump not to release all the documents even though all the people involved are dead. The reason is unknown, and Pompeo declined to appear on Carlson’s show.

The Biden administration released thousands of pages of previously secret government documents regarding the JFK assassination today.  It is unclear how many remain secret.

Carlson believes he knows why the JFK files were not released in 2017, however. He said he talked with someone who has access to and familiarity with the still-secret Kennedy documentation, and asked, “Did the CIA have a hand in the murder of [President] John F. Kennedy?” According to Carlson, the insider replied, “The answer is yes. I believe they were involved.  It’s a whole different country from what we thought it was. It’s all fake.” Carlson admitted that the response was “jarring,” but insisted the unnamed source is no “conspiracy theorist … this is someone with direct knowledge of the information.”

Carlson invited viewers, regardless of their feelings about the JFK assassination and his own new report, to consider the ramifications of what his source said. Based on what Carlson’s source stated, there are forces inside the U.S. government entirely beyond the control of the electorate (which in fact is true, simply because America has so many unelected bureaucrats). Carlson explained his understanding of the situation: “These forces can affect election outcomes. They can even hide their complicity in the murder of an American president. In other words, they can do pretty much anything they want. They constitute a government within a government.” Which is a pretty explosive accusation. Carlson noted that Americans no longer trust their government, but added that the government may be even less trustworthy than is publicly apparent.

The situation Carlson described is truly terrifying. Unfortunately, until all the CIA documentation on Kennedy’s assassination is released, the American public cannot judge for themselves if  the insider on Carlson’s show was telling the truth or not.

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