National Guard Troops Deployed To Buffalo Amid Blizzard Chaos

National Guard Troops Deployed To Buffalo Amid Blizzard Chaos

The official report from AP News is that New York State National Guard is deploying a hundred military police officers ‘to enforce a driving ban’ amid a historic snowstorm that paralyzed the metro area. There was no explanation for why Guardsmen would be needed to enforce a driving ban besides keeping people off the roads for safety. The report failed to mention the looting chaos that gripped parts of the metro area, which we wonder if that’s the actual reason for deployment. 

County Executive Mark Poloncarz said the National Guard would be positioned at major intersections to enforce driving bans. 

“Too many people are ignoring the ban,” Poloncarz, a Democrat, said at a press conference. A driving ban was lifted in the suburbs earlier today. 

And is that it? Nation Guard troops will be traffic cops? But not go after criminals who raided stores over the weekend

We were the first to report businesses had their windows smashed and merchandise stolen during the blizzard while police were immobile. Even first responders needed to be rescued because the snowstorm was so severe. Which gave criminals a window of opportunity to hit as many stores as possible because there was no fear police could stop them.

The chaos was documented on Twitter. Here’s some of it:

That’s a good question. 

We ask whether Democrats at the local, county and state levels and liberal-run mainstream media are downplaying the widespread reports of looting. And another question readers should be considering is why call the National Guard to be traffic cops. Or perhaps the deployment of the National Guard is to quell the chaos quietly.  

And maybe so…

Tyler Durden
Tue, 12/27/2022 – 13:30