Man Discovers Brand New EV Hummer Will Take Five Days To Fully Charge

Man Discovers Brand New EV Hummer Will Take Five Days To Fully Charge

Why bother with the pesky task of sitting at a gas pump for 5 whole minutes and filling up your car with gas when you can “save the world” by driving an electric vehicle, only to find out it takes up to five days to fully charge?

That was the question one electric Hummer owner was asking himself this week, when he discovered his brand new vehicle would take five whole days to charge using a basic, at-home, charging setup. 

In a video posted to Post Millennial, the owner proudly states; “This is a brand new hummer and it’s got the largest battery you can buy. 250-kilowatt hours of battery in this truck.”

He then walks into the garage to show the Hummer is plugged into a standard wall outlet. “Now it’s Sunday morning, let’s see how long it takes to charge it just using the truck’s charger and plugging it into a standard wall outlet,” he comments on the video.

He then opens the door to the vehicle and shows the display dash, which tells him the vehicle is charging at a rate of 1 mile per hour. It shows his vehicle will be done charging on Friday of the upcoming week. 

“Time to complete charge: Friday at 8:30 am and range increase is one mile per hour,” he tells the camera. “And that’s what happens when you try to charge the largest battery truck using a 120 outlet.”

“Of course, you could have a level two or fast charger which would make it a lot quicker,” he laments at the end of the video. 

Tyler Durden
Wed, 01/18/2023 – 15:46