Ex-Colts WR Parris Campbell looks forward to fresh start with Giants after injury-riddled run in Indianapolis

Parris Campbell was drafted in the second round of the 2019 NFL Draft, but he had a rough start to his professional football career.

After an injury-riddled first three years with the Colts, Campbell managed to play in all 17 regular season games in 2022. He racked up over 623 yards on 63 receptions last season.

When free agency kicked off earlier this week, Campbell departed Indy and signed a one-year contract with the New York Giants.


Over Campbell’s first three seasons in the NFL, injuries caused him to miss 34 games. 

He underwent surgery several times as he recovered from the injuries.


Before starting his sophomore season, Campbell was in a car accident resulting in a concussion. He went on to tear the MCL and PCL in his left knee during that season.

Campbell spoke about how he handled the adversity.

“My career is what it was,” Campbell said Friday during a Zoom call with reporters. 

“It was tough, very tough, those first three years. Being able to bounce back from each and every injury that I had, I really learned a lot about myself. I feel like I grew as a man, as a person, a player, obviously. It allowed me to grow in so many different areas because I’ve seen a lot of myself that I didn’t know that I had. I was able to fight and bounce back so many different times. It really showed me a lot.”

Campbell added that he was proud that he stayed healthy for an entire season last year.

“Then just speaking in terms of last year, being able to play a full 17 [games], that’s all I ever wanted to do. Just given the history of my career, that’s all I ever wanted to do. Being able to do that, I was blessed, grateful.”

Campbell’s contract with the Giants is worth up to $6.7 million, with $3 million fully guaranteed, ESPN reported.

Campbell noted that sometimes injuries are a result of bad luck.

“The injuries that I had, there were things that were just freak accidents,” he said. “You couldn’t really draw it up. They weren’t avoidable to me. They were things that happened and just had some bad luck. Like I said, was able to play all 17 last year, so I was extremely blessed.”

Campbell said he has already reached out to Giants quarterback Daniel Jones and the recently signed tight end Darren Waller.

Campbell said he is a fan of how the Giants offense plays on the field.

“Just really watching the offense, you can tell that they were just having fun. The chemistry that they showed out there on the field, getting guys in the right position to make plays,” Campbell said about the Giants’ 38-10 win over the Colts in Week 16.

“They had guys making plays all over the field. It looked fun, and it looked fluid,” he said. “Now being in this seat after having seen that from afar, I’m just super excited for what’s to come.”