Ray Epps Charged With Misdemeanor In Long-Delayed Wrist-Slap

Ray Epps Charged With Misdemeanor In Long-Delayed Wrist-Slap

While dozens of January 6th political prisoners languish behind bars, the man caught on camera repeatedly inciting them to enter the Capitol, Ray Epps, was just given a long-delayed slap on the wrist.

This lame single charge tells us everything we need to know about Ray Epps.

No obstruction felony? No civil disorder charge? Not even a trespassing on restricted grounds misdemeanor?

Can’t even tell you the last time I saw an “information” (misdemeanor version of indictment)… pic.twitter.com/zQ0rGT23ES

— Julie Kelly 🇺🇸 (@julie_kelly2) September 19, 2023

A review of Epps’ behavior surrounding J6;

EXCLUIVE: Never before released J6 video captures Ray Epps (and others) amidst the violent conflict at the police line on the West Plaza

This is near the Media Tower, apparently before Epps helped push the large metal sign into this police line pic.twitter.com/NoMFKNv58F

— Stephen Horn (@stephenehorn) September 19, 2023

In July, Epps’ attorney revealed that his client was going to be criminally charged, after Epps sued former Fox news host Tucker Carlson for defamation.

Epps hired attorney Michael Teter – formerly of Perkins Coie, the firm notorious for helping the Clinton campaign hatch the Steele dossier and collaborating with the FBI to push the Trump-Russia hoax. Teter immediately sent a letter to Carlson demanding that the former Fox News host retract “false and defamatory statements” that Epps was a J6 government plant.

Epps, 62, was identified as a key instigator of the riot who has long been suspected of being a fed (or a fed asset), told his nephew in a text message: “I was in the front with a few others. I also orchestrated it.

Julie Kelly compares a similarly charged defendant… whose sentencing keeps getting kicked down the road.

His sentencing keeps getting moved back.

Status report from last week. pic.twitter.com/JSkBXEEMgb

— Julie Kelly 🇺🇸 (@julie_kelly2) September 19, 2023

I hope Tucker’s lawyers force Ray Epps to explain why he was never arrested by the FBI despite literally telling people to go into the Capitolpic.twitter.com/rh0ydFdzBE

— Greg Price (@greg_price11) July 12, 2023

🚨BREAKING 🚨: Ray Epps has been charged for his role in Jan 6. But is this the real end another conspiracy?

Epps has only been charged with a single misdemeanor. pic.twitter.com/vQLKmODrZ5

— Suepin (@yzimng2) September 19, 2023

We wonder how this will affect Tucker’s defense?

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