Rapper Blueface turns private suite at Rams game into personal strip club, then proposes to girlfriend

The Los Angeles Rams and Pittsburgh Steelers weren’t the only people getting paid at SoFi Stadium in L.A. on Sunday.

Of course, there are also the many employees at the stadium for game day, but another unexpected party was among those given money.

Los Angeles-based rapper Blueface was in one of the private areas on the field level near one of the end zones and turned it into his own private strip club.


Blueface threw copious amounts of dollar bills on women who were dancing in their underwear and high-cut T-shirts – video appears to show one woman’s breast exposed.

The rapper was with at least four women who lowered their shorts to show their rear ends. Another woman even brought her shirt up to show another skimpy top to cover her chest.

The women were dancing and twerking near the walls, and some onlookers from nearby areas took their phones out to capture it on camera.

Blueface broadcasted the event on his Instagram story.

Oh, and he also proposed to his girlfriend at the game, which he posted on his story after making it rain.

The Rams did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the events that transpired in the section.

Blueface is best known for his 2018 hit, “Thotiana,” which also included a remix with Cardi B.

The Rams fell to the Steelers after being outscored, 14-0, in the fourth quarter.