Dear Abby: When I invite my sister-in-law and her family to our home, she always has ‘other plans’

DEAR ABBY: I have a sister-in-law, “Greta,” who is married to my husband’s older brother. I have invited her and their family to our home countless times over the past 10 years, giving plenty of time to RSVP. Greta has done the same, and I show up with my “brings.” I then help to clean up and am pleasant.

Greta never attends our parties, gatherings, etc. She always responds with, “We have other plans,” or, “We are just going to stay home.” It hurts. Should I keep inviting them? Other family members are annoyed by her excuses. She has never liked me, but she’s married to my husband’s brother, and they have two children I would like to see. Should I stop? — COURTEOUS IN COLORADO


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