Florida “Booty Patrol” Driver Busted, Cops Mocked

Florida “Booty Patrol” Driver Busted, Cops Mocked

Sheriffs in central Florida are being mocked online after an 18-year-old man accused of “impersonating law enforcement” was ticketed for plastering “Booty Patrol” on his truck, which he styled to look similar to a Border Patrol vehicle.

The DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office warned the public about the Florida Teen, Gabriel Luviano, who they slapped with a $113 citation for adding red and blue rights to his Chevy Silverado, which also features a green diagonal stripe and a logo which reads “National Booty Behavior Protection” in addition to “BOOTY PATROL.”

Luviano told NBC 2: he choose “Booty Patrol” because “it’s the closest you could get to Border Patrol and still have the B in it,” adding that it was never his intention to impersonate federal agents.

“It was just to have a little fun, you know?” he said, adding that “It was never my intent to pull over people or nothing.”

Luviano told the outlet that local cops – aside from the guy who pulled him over, love the truck.

I have videos of cops coming up to me and they just want a picture,” he said.

Facebook Warning

“We want to emphasize that DCSO located the vehicle on Sunday, and our initial post aimed to raise awareness about this incident, ensuring that the public can avoid being duped by such individuals,” deputies posted on Facebook. “We extend our sincere gratitude to everyone who called in with information about the suspicious vehicle, as your continued support is crucial in helping us maintain a safe and secure community for our residents.”

According to the NY Post, the comments section was full of hilarious replies.

Is this serious? If anyone thinks this is a real officer they have a problem. I have seen this drive around all the time and I always get such a chuckle out of it,” said one Floridian. “Leave the man alone.”

““It’s a little sad to see this happening to the car community,” wrote another person. “This is just merely a show truck. Always has been. Never seen him have his blue lights on and seen him all over Desoto, Manatee, and Sarasota county.”

Tyler Durden
Sun, 11/05/2023 – 19:45


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