House GOP re-election arm touts Republican success, predicts ‘stronger’ outcome in 2024 elections

FIRST ON FOX: One year from Election Day 2024, the committee charged with electing Republicans to the House is bullish about their chances.

Even though expectations of a “red wave” in last year’s midterms failed to materialize, Republicans still won control of the House from the Democrats. 

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) said in a memo obtained by Fox News Digital that the party is “arguably in just as strong, if not stronger, position to grow” their majority next year.

The NRCC said Republicans are successfully counteracting Democrats’ fundraising abilities, at least in certain areas of the country where GOP candidates were largely outspent last cycle.

“House Republicans who lost last cycle were outspent on average by $3 million candidate-to-candidate – and in at least one high-profile swing district race, the Republican was outspent 10-1,” according to an NRCC memo stated. “The NRCC’s efforts are turning around that dynamic.”


“NRCC Chairman Richard Hudson’s strategic priority to encourage member-to-member giving has supercharged GOP fundraising. This gives our candidates, who receive the lowest advertising rates, the ability to define their own image instead of allowing their Democrat opponents to do it for them,” the NRCC memo added.

For three straight fundraising quarters in 2023, the NRCC noted that targeted House Republicans have outraised targeted Democrats.

“Targeted Republicans now hold a more than $566K cash-on-hand advantage over targeted House Democrats. Money builds majorities and endangered House Republicans are in a strong position to hold their seats,” the group noted.


As minority leader, Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., personally hauled in record amounts of political contributions ahead of 2022 to help Republicans win back the House majority — leading some commentators to express concerns about losing a strong fundraiser following his ousting as House speaker last month.

Last week, the NRCC announced that newly elected House Speaker Mike Johnson had helped Republicans raise $1 million online in the first week of his speakership.

“House Republicans are enjoying a digital cash geyser under Speaker Mike Johnson. The NRCC is racing to capture this enthusiasm and raise the resources to grow our House majority,” NRCC Communications Director Jack Pandol said at the time.

The NRCC also touted its ability to outpace Democrats in recruiting candidates for office, noting that all 15 Congressional seats that were “flipped from blue to red were won by a female, minority, or veteran candidate” last cycle.

“Strong candidates with compelling backgrounds that match the life stories and experiences of voters are able to compete to win in tough districts where top-of-the-ticket Democrats will be presumed to be victorious,” the NRCC memo reads. “Republicans are in a strong position to expand the map and compete in Biden-won districts because of spectacular GOP recruits.”

As for candidate recruitment across the aisle, the NRCC insisted the Democratic Party is “plagued by retreads, progressive firebrands, and messy primaries.”

Highlighting the “messy Democrat primaries,” the group pointed to five specific races in states around the country where “brutal intraparty fights” are “undermining Democrats’ chances of winning seats.”

Additionally, the NRCC placed focus on the current “political environment,” which it believes will help propel Republicans across the finish line.

“Skyrocketing inflation from reckless liberal spending bills, a nationwide crime wave and an unsecured border lends itself to a historically positive political environment for Republicans. Combine that with a Democrat President that Americans believe to be too old and feeble to lead, House Republicans will grow their majority,” the memo said.

The group also pinpointed three specific issues where it believes Republicans will have the upper hand with voters, including the border crisis, crime, and the cost of living.

The 2024 elections are slated to be held nationwide on Nov. 4, 2024.

Fox News’ Paul Steinhauser and Thomas Phippen contributed to this report.


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