JESSE WATTERS: The Secret Service has been lying to you about the White House cocaine scandal

Jesse Watters discusses how “Jesse Watters Primetime” obtained Secret Service documents revealing more details about where the White House cocaine was discovered.


JESSE WATTERS: The Secret Service has been lying to you about everything. Here’s why. When the cocaine was first found, they said it was in the library where the first family lives. 

The Secret Service then said, no, it was in a cubby with a lot of foot traffic around it. And yes, there are cameras, but that particular cubby was in a blind spot. How do you mistake the library for the Situation Room and the Situation Room for the cubbies? 

Because when I’m in a library, I know I’m in a library because there are books everywhere. Does it look like there’s books everywhere? That’s a wall of cubbies. They say the coke was found in locker number 50 right there in the middle. And there’s a key missing. And what do you think the chances are that the Secret Service has the key? Because “Primetime” thinks the coke may have been planted in the cubby after it was found in the library. 

Good thing we have the documents from the Secret Service right here. But here’s the thing: The Secret Service redacted where the cocaine was first found. Now, if the cocaine was actually first found in the cubby, and they photographed it in the cubby, why would they redact that? And then at one point, the Secret Service says this suspicious substance is a white powder in a small Ziploc bag on the redacted lobby floor. What? Lobby floor? The lobby into what room? 

The library. And I thought they found the cocaine in the cubby. Well, the cubby is not on the floor. The cubby’s on the wall. Later on in the night. They said it was in the cubby, and they didn’t redact that. They want us to think it was found in that little locker. 

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