Dear Abby: Granddad is upset that step-grandfather showers grandkids with gifts

DEAR ABBY: Should I be upset that my grandchildren have a step-grandfather who has no children of his own and is always giving money and other gifts to my grandchildren? I bought my 18-year-old grandson a used car with the understanding that he would repay me in installments when he started working. He did just that, and then he had a fender bender, so I helped him get it partially repaired. I made the same deal with him as before. I paid for the repairs; he again repaid me in installments.

Well, one of the doors has a large dent and won’t open. Now he has sweet-talked his step-grandfather into shopping for another car! My grandson doesn’t want to fix the door because it’s easier to get his step-grandfather to buy him another car. Should I be upset about this? What should I tell his step-grandfather? — FRUSTRATED GRANDFATHER


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