GREG GUTFELD: Conduct is now irrelevant because identity trumps all

Well, it only took a few thousand years, but it’s happened.

VIDEO: Hell freezes over!

Yes, hell has frozen over. Hillary, get your ice skates ready. How else could you explain universities losing both CNN and Fareed Zakaria? That’s like Krispy Kreme losing the support of Lizzo. Following last week’s hearings on campus antisemitism, Fareed called on schools to abandon their political insanity. Roll it.

CNN’S FAREED ZAKARIA: The ever-growing bureaucracy devoted to diversity, equity and inclusion naturally recommends that more time and energy be spent on these issues. The most obvious lack of diversity at universities, political diversity, which clearly affects their ability to analyze many issues, is never addressed. Showing that these goals are not centrally related to achieving or sustaining or building excellence. What we saw in the House hearing this week was the inevitable result of decades of the politicization of universities. America’s top colleges are no longer seen as bastions of excellence but partisan outfits, which means they will keep getting buffeted by these political storms as they emerge. They should abandon this long misadventure into politics, retrain their gaze on their core strengths and rebuild their reputations as centers of research and learning.

Whoa. It’s like you can see right through me. Now, for what may be the first time ever, he nailed it. What’s next? Sound financial advice from Jim Cramer? But what those nitwits revealed at the hearing was the real truth about our universities. Politics trumps merit, which is why you get grades that are more blatantly inflated than Kim Kardashian’s ass. It’s where ideologies get disguised as majors and are more useless than a fur parka in Florida. And their lack of political diversity prevents schools from what they were originally intended to do: create a place of learning, fellowship and blackout drunkenness. 


To find a bigger echo chamber, you need to go to the Grand Canyon and holler Jesse Watters has hair plugs. I urge you to do that. And out of all that is what you see now on the streets. Stuff like “Queers for Palestine,” shutting down major bridges. You know what happens to gay people in Gaza? The only time they block the street is when they’re thrown off a roof onto one. Universities advise students not to speak, but to align with the protests. The mob hasn’t been this popular since Prohibition. Harassment and intimidation becomes free speech and free speech is deemed unsafe. And the idiotic hearings were the result because for some reason, Jews are exempt from protections afforded to others. It’s not about unpleasant speech. We’re all for that. How else am I still employed? But it’s about crossing to a place where after an atrocity is committed, mobs direct their rage, specifically at fellow students. Something you could never do before. Well, unless you are a conservative speaker, of course.

Which brings us once again to Claudine Gay, Harvard’s prez, who was unable to state that calling for the genocide of Jews, was against Harvard’s speech code. You couldn’t get a fatter softball if you were Stelter’s urologist. Big, big ball. Two of them. After years of punishing students for thought crimes like misgendering and agreeing with a Republican, Harvard finally found a type of speech it was willing to defend- calls for genocide. Now, despite a push by donors and lawmakers for Gay to resign, more than 500 faculty members signed a letter supporting her. Here’s some of it from the Harvard’s governing board. “President Gay is the right leader to help our community heal and to address the very serious societal issues we are facing.” So you got to love that verb “heal.” And in fact, they’re expecting her to heal a wound that she spent years inflicting.

It’s like cleaning a stab wound with Kid Rock’s bathwater. Meanwhile, the school is now losing a billion in donations. When you make that much cash disappear, you’ve either pissed off the wrong people or you’ve launched CNN +. Of course, there’s also the plagiarism accusations against Gay. We already told you about her ripping off part of her doctoral dissertation, but now it’s worse. According to the Washington Free Beacon, her dissertation, as well as three other papers she wrote between ’93 and 2017, use the work of almost 20 authors without proper attribution. I know! They claim she lifted entire paragraphs from existing works. It’s academia’s version of Smash and Grab, you know where you can plagiarize under 950 words and there’s no punishmen? 


But that’s more heavy lifting than a forklift feeding Joy Behar. A dozen scholars analyzed her papers with one concluding, “definitely plagiarism,” violating the school’s own policies. Harvard expels students for that. So why are they keeping their president around? Oh, that’s right, she checks more boxes than an employee at Footlocker. You know, there’s only one president who ever survived that much plagiarizing. Yeah. So how do you discipline future student plagiarisers? You can’t. And maybe that’s the point. Plagiarism, after all, is only a crime if you’re White. As one pointy head prof argued, “a zero tolerance policy around plagiarism disproportionately harms Black and Latinx students.” Latinx. 

See, none of this stuff makes sense unless you look at it through the warped and greasy lens of identity politics like the AP just did, claiming the presidents of Harvard, Penn and MIT are only under attack because they’re women. Now, that’s misogyny. You know the brutal attacks on women by Hamas, ehh. But ask these women to condemn it, well, that’s evil. and sexist. The message? Conduct is irrelevant because identity trumps all. In college, calling someone he when he prefers she is a hate crime. But if you’re chanting “from the river to the sea,” at Jewish students, you’ve chased into a locker room for hours, well, they don’t count because they’re colonizers. Because their identity alone makes them acceptable targets of hate. 

Those school presidents couldn’t speak out about antisemitism for the same reason Harvard can’t oust their plagiaristic president. It has nothing to do with the truth. They wouldn’t know the truth if it kicked them in the balls or vagina, depending on what they’re identifying as that day. But once they go down that political path, they stay there even when it means humiliating themselves on TV. So why would you pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for your kids to be miseducated by these liars? You know, I should start my own university. Gutfeld U. And Gus, he could be president. He couldn’t be any worse than these mutts. And unlike them, he’s never lied to anybody. And when he makes a mess, he doesn’t blame anyone else.


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