Boston Mayor Takes Heat Over Segregated “Electeds Of Color” Holiday Party

Boston Mayor Takes Heat Over Segregated “Electeds Of Color” Holiday Party

Boston’s Democrat Mayor, Michelle Wu, has come under fire for accidentally sending an invitation for a segregated holiday party to all city council members, rather than just the nonwhite officials it was intended for.

The invite for the December 13th ‘Electeds of Color Holiday Party’ was mistakenly emailed to all council members by Wu’s assistant, Denise DosSantos, who was supposed to exclude the seven white council members, according to the Daily Mail. 

Wu’s assistant, who is black, quickly “corrected” the mistake 15 minutes later by publicly apologizing for the initial email. But, as the report noted, there was no retraction of the event’s racially exclusive nature in the follow up email. Outgoing City Councilor Frank Baker called the event idea “unfortunate and divisive”. 

African Muslim-American councilwoman Tania Fernandes Anderson was quick to reassure Dos Santos. Replying to everyone on the distribution, she wrote, “Your email should not offend anyone and there is absolutely no confusion.” 

I’m just so sad that so many progressives have abandoned the ideal that we shouldn’t treat people differently based on their skin color.

I’m baffled people are willing to defend this. I don’t think this is getting us to a better place.

— Paul Novosad (@paulnovosad) December 14, 2023

Wu is the city’s first female and first Asian American mayor. Her spokesman, Ricardo Patron, ‘clarified’ that Wu was hosting the party at the request of the Electeds of Color group and had planned a larger, inclusive holiday party for all cabinet members, city councilors, and legislators (yes, totally, that’s it).

According to former 5-term Boston city councilor Michael McCormack expressed concern over the segregated party, adding that previous mayors would have included the entire council.

“The problem is that Boston and race, unfortunately, are synonymous. I’m just hoping it was a mistake. It’s not something that anyone in the mayor’s office should be proud of,” he told the Mail.

On the other hand, black councilman Brian Worrell thinks POC-only events are just fine, sayingWe make space and spaces for all kinds of specific groups in the city and city government.”

Brian Worrell

Meanwhile despite not taking personal offense, Councilmember Frank Baker viewed the exclusive party as an unwise decision, telling the Daily Mail he didn’t see it as a “good move” given “heightened tensions in the city council”.

Well, Mike, it wasn’t a mistake. And, as we put it yesterday, the apology, which tacitly confirmed Wu’s intention from the e-mail to begin with, almost made things worse.

“I wanted to apologize for my previous email regarding a Holiday Party for tomorrow. I did send that to everyone by accident. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused”

No confusion, you are another pathetic racist

— zerohedge (@zerohedge) December 13, 2023

And the kicker, of course…

Not surprisingly,Michelle Wu is a graduate of Harvard Law and Harvard College. Her husband, Connor Pewarski, is an American of Irish/Polish/Italian, a graduate of Yale. Guess he won’t be welcomed at her segregated party for coloreds only.

— SandraBo (@sandrabo2015) December 14, 2023

Just imagine…

If a white mayor did what Boston Mayor Michelle Wu did by excluding white people from her party the city would be on fire.

— Carmine Sabia 🇺🇸 🇮🇱 (@CarmineSabia) December 14, 2023

In 2023, #MichelleWu wants to have a #NoWhites(#ElectedsOfColor) #Christmas party. Well that sounds “familiar”…🤔

— Shaughn_A (@Shaughn_A2) December 14, 2023

Stop hiring Harvard graduates.

— James Lindsay, against magic (@ConceptualJames) December 13, 2023


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