Breitbart Exposes Security Gaps: Migrants Board Planes Without IDs At Tucson Airport

Breitbart Exposes Security Gaps: Migrants Board Planes Without IDs At Tucson Airport

A recent investigation conducted by Breitbart Texas at Tucson International Airport, Arizona, has brought to light significant concerns regarding border security and migrant processing. While the rest of us have to wait in endless lines – and will definitely miss our flight if we’ve forgotten ID, migrants released by the Border Patrol were observed boarding U.S. flights without the standard identification required for most travelers.

Randy Clark/Breitbart Texas

Special TSA Screening for Migrants

The outlet reported that on a Friday afternoon at Tucson International Airport, migrants, having been released from Border Patrol custody, were seen in a “special” security line set up by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). This line catered exclusively to migrants, many of whom lacked any form of identification, a requirement typically enforced for U.S. citizens and legal international travelers.

A TSA sign guides “Non-U.S. Citizens without Passports to a special screening line. (Randy Clark/Breitbart Texas)

These migrants carried manila envelopes containing a Notice to Appear, signifying their release from federal custody. Notably, these documents did not include photo identification, a standard requirement under TSA regulations for air travel.

According to Breitbart’s findings, while TSA regulations generally mandate government-issued photo ID cards for travel, there is a provision for “acceptable alternate identification for use in special circumstances at the checkpoint,” which appears to be the basis for the special line.

Increased Migrant Arrivals and Processing Challenges

The report highlights that the surge of migrants crossing into the United States has led to a flood of illegal migrants being released into the country to pursue asylum claims. The influx has overwhelmed Border Patrol facilities in Tucson, with numbers exceeding their designated holding capacity. The situation has obvious national security implications associated with the rapid processing and release of migrants.

TSA Acceptable ID Sign

According to a DHS Office of the Inspector General report cited in Breitbart’s investigation, in one case a migrant on the Terrorist Watch List was mistakenly released by the Border Patrol in Yuma, Arizona.

The source says capacity issues facing the Border Patrol and the need to quickly release the migrants pose a significant risk to national security. According to an investigative report by the DHS Office of the Inspector General, in April 2022, one migrant on the Terrorist Watch List was released by the Border Patrol in Yuma, Arizona. The report noted a series of failures by multiple DHS agencies resulted in the failure to conclusively determine that the migrant was on the Terrorist Watchlist, resulting in the release from custody.

The migrant and family members were later encountered attempting to board an aircraft by TSA security screening personnel at the Palm Springs International Airport. Despite the second encounter by DHS personnel, the migrant was ultimately able to travel to Tampa, Florida, and was not rearrested by ICE for more than two weeks. -Breitbart

Approximately 190,000 migrants were apprehended in November trying to enter the United States illegally.

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