“F*** You, Chris! Butter Your Own Biscuit, Fat Ass!” – Cuomo Cursed Out By Girl With Tourette’s

“F*** You, Chris! Butter Your Own Biscuit, Fat Ass!” – Cuomo Cursed Out By Girl With Tourette’s

Former CNN star Chris Cuomo interviewed a TikTok star with Tourette’s syndrome on Tuesday night, and the nation was treated to the spectacle of the disgraced anchor being repeatedly cursed out and flipped off on his own show. 

Cuomo — who was fired by CNN amid an internal investigation of his crossing ethical lines to help his brother, former Governor Andrew Cuomo, fight a sexual harassment scandal — is now a host on the subscription TV network NewsNation. 

Dupree repeatedly gave Cuomo the finger, and we’ll forever be grateful

Cuomo was interviewing Baylen Dupree, a 21-year-old woman with 9 million followers on a TikTok account she uses to build understanding of what life is like for people with Tourette’s syndrome. The nervous system disorder inflicts people with tics in the form of uncontrolled twitches, movements and sounds. For some — like Dupree — those sounds and movements come in the form of profanity and obscene gestures.  

That reality of Dupree’s existence was on vivid display Tuesday night. At various points in the interview, she would pause in mid-sentence to curse at Cuomo and give him the finger — but apparently not for crossing journalism boundaries to help his sleazy brother’s political career, or relentlessly promoting the Russia-gate hoax, or being a cheerleader for the catastrophic, authoritarian Covid regime. (At least, we’re pretty sure those weren’t the reasons.)

Within 25 seconds, she tells Cuomo, “Fuck off, fuck off, fuck off.” More periodic profanity ensues, with the highlight coming in this sequence, when Dupree seemed to rapidly cycle through several dialects in a matter of seconds as she spewed hilariously varied insults at Cuomo: 

Chris Cuomo is exactly where he belongs, getting cussed out by a teenager with Tourette Syndrome. pic.twitter.com/RVJPVG3qcg

— Citizen Free Press (@CitizenFreePres) December 14, 2023

After doing us all the favor of telling Cuomo, “GO FUCK YOURSELF, CHRIS!” in American English, she adopted a British accent to tell him he had a “LITTLE BABY WIENER,” then channeled a decidedly urban vibe to wish him a “BANANA UP YOUR ASS” and concluded with a hearty, southern-country “BUTTER YOUR OWN BISCUIT, FAT ASS!”

Cuomo tried but couldn’t contain his own laughter at the multi-cultural profanity blitz. After it bubbled out and then subsided, he plunged into a deeply empathetic tone, perhaps out of fear he’d be cancelled for laughing at the victim of a neurological disorder. (For the record, we’re laughing at you, Cuomo.)

Here’s the full, 4-minute interview, which nicely ends in a reenactment of Cuomo’s firing at CNN. Playing the role of then-CNN president Jeff Zucker, Dupree repeatedly gives Cuomo the finger and tells him, “You’re done.”

NEW: Chris Cuomo can’t hold in his laughter while interviewing a girl with Tourette syndrome who tells him to “f*** off.”

“Go f*** yourself, Chris a** bunny, old biscuit fat a**,” she said during the interview which caused Cuomo to laugh.

“I obviously go to the gym and I wear… pic.twitter.com/2kSnj8Xm8u

— Collin Rugg (@CollinRugg) December 13, 2023

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