Gilbert Arenas seems to praise Draymond Green’s latest incident: ‘Taking care of these Euros one at a time’

One would be hard-pressed to find many supporters of Draymond Green’s actions earlier this week – but there is an ex-NBA star who seemingly does.

Green is serving an indefinite suspension after striking Jusuf Nurkic on Tuesday, putting him on the floor.

However, Gilbert Arenas, perhaps jokingly, praised Green.

“I know what Dray doing,” Arenas said on his podcast. “He’s taking care of these Euros one at a time.”


Arenas mentioned Green’s chokehold of Frenchman Rudy Gobert earlier this season that resulted in a five-game suspension. Nurkic is Bosnian. The three-time All-Star then told Green to keep attacking the European players.

“The media is trying to push these Euros, and you’re choking and slapping them back! I get it, baby. Do your thing!”

One of Arenas’ partners said he “only did it to two” Euro players.

“He got about six or seven more,” Arenas replied.

Arenas shared the clip of the podcast on his X account, formerly Twitter, and doubled down.


“Dray see these Euros takin the league from our people and fightin back,” he wrote with a bunch of laughing emojis. “I SEE YA DRAY”

The latest incident occurred in the third quarter of the Phoenix Suns’ 119-116 win, when both Green and Nurkic were battling for position. Green was trying to receive the ball with Nurkic on his back and took exception.

Green turned around and hit Nurkic with his hand and was ejected after referees deliberated. 

“He was pulling my hip, and I was swinging away to sell the call,” the Golden State Warriors star explained after the game. “I made contact with him. As you know, I’m not one to apologize for things I meant to do, but I do apologize to Jusuf because I didn’t intend to hit him.”

Green is unable to come back until he completes criteria given to him by both the Warriors and the NBA.

The ejection was Green’s 18th of his career, the most among active players.

Fox News’ Scott Thompson contributed to this report.


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