Biden Tells Federal Employees To Use EVs And Trains On Official Travel

Biden Tells Federal Employees To Use EVs And Trains On Official Travel

By Tsvetana Paraskova of

The Biden Administration is directing Federal agencies to prioritize the use of sustainable transportation such as electric vehicles and trains for official travel, as part of efforts to build a clean transportation future, the White House said in new guidelines.  

As the Administration announced new public and private commitments to boost access to EVs, save taxpayer dollars, and tackle the climate crisis, it says it would lead by example with the release of new Federal employee travel guidelines.

“As the Nation’s largest employer and with an annual business travel purchasing power of $2.8 billion, the Federal Government is leading by example by shifting to cleaner transportation options, including American-made electric vehicles and charging infrastructure,” the White House said.

Last year, federal employees took more than 2.8 million flights, 2.3 million vehicle rentals, and 33,000 rail trips, the Administration added.

The prioritization of cleaner transportation includes guidelines that federal employees will rent an EV on official travel when the cost of the EV is less than or equal to the most affordable comparable vehicle available. Employees will also opt for cost-competitive EV options where available when using taxis and ride-share platforms.

In addition, federal agencies are directed to tell employees they will use rail for trips less than 250 miles when cost-effective and available, instead of taking an airplane or vehicle. Federal employees will also use more public transit when conducting local travel or upon arrival at the official travel location, the Biden Administration said.

As early as in 2021, President Joe Biden vowed to replace the almost 650,000-strong federal vehicle fleet with electric cars as part of his climate agenda.

The Administration aims for EVs to make up at least 50% of new car sales in the United States by 2030.

But last month, a group of U.S. car deals known as EV Voice of the Customer warned the Biden Administration that most U.S. car buyers aren’t interested in purchasing electric vehicles, incentives or not.   

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Fri, 12/15/2023 – 13:25


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