Mark Zuckerberg Building Top-Secret Hawaii Doomsday-Bunker With Blast-Resistant Door

Mark Zuckerberg Building Top-Secret Hawaii Doomsday-Bunker With Blast-Resistant Door

Wired investigation reveals Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is building a massive underground bunker with a “blast-resistant door” to survive the end times. 

For years, Zuckerberg has added hundreds of acres to his controversial 1,500-acre ranch in Kauai, Hawaii. Much of that has been known, but now new planning documents reveal a “5,000-square-foot underground shelter” equipped with “own energy and food supplies” is being constructed, according to the tech blog, citing public planning documents obtained through public records requests. 

Detailed planning documents obtained by WIRED through a series of public record requests show the makings of an opulent techno-Xanadu, complete with underground shelter and what appears to be a blast-resistant door. -Wired

On the surface, the estate, also called “Koolau Ranch,” will have two central mansions joined by a tunnel connected to the underground bunker. 

Building documents also showed the compound would be self-sufficient, with its own power generation, food supplies, and a 55-foot-diameter and 18-foot-tall water tank. 

Wired noted, “Building permits put the price tag for the main construction at around $100 million, in addition to $170 million in land purchases, but this is likely an underestimate.”  

It was revealed by several former contract workers at the ranch that everyone working there was bound by an NDA.

“It’s fight club. We don’t talk about fight club,” said one anonymous former contract employee. 

Another former worker said the “very strict” enforcement of NDAs made anyone on-site unwilling to “take the chance to get caught even taking a picture.”

Other billionaires, like PayPal and Palantir founder Peter Thiel, have built or been planning doomsday bunkers in remote places worldwide. 

There are several reasons why billionaires feel worried about the future and are compelled to build doomsday bunkers, some of which include spillover risks of the Russia-Ukraine war, possible regional conflict in the Middle East, imploding Western cities into crime-ridden hellholes, the surge in illegal migrants across West, deteriorating financial conditions in the West, and the list goes on and on

Tyler Durden
Fri, 12/15/2023 – 22:40


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