Elon Musk Tells Italy: “Please Don’t Import Woke Mind Virus From America” 

Elon Musk Tells Italy: “Please Don’t Import Woke Mind Virus From America” 

Elon Musk spoke at a political event in Rome organized by supporters of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.

During the discussion, Musk discussed various hot topics, including sliding birth rates across Western countries, his views on the exaggeration of climate change by alarmists, criticism of what he termed the ‘woke mind virus,’ his stance on supporting humanity, return of advertisers to ‘free speech’ social media platform X, his opinions on woke Disney, and the significance of free speech in democratic societies.

“I’m very much in favor of humanity expanding – and creating a bright and exciting future for the world. But fundamental to the furthering of human civilization is having more humans,” Musk said. He called declining birth rates across the Western world “a bit depressing” because “birth rates seem to decline every year.” 

He emphasized that his primary advice for world leaders is to encourage people to have children, thereby creating future leaders.

On the subject of global warming, Musk said, “Climate change alarm is somewhat overblown in the short; it’s still a concern in the long term.” He stressed, “I think it’s exaggerated in the short term.” 

Musk pointed out, “We should not demonize oil and gas because that is obviously necessary in the short-term and medium-term – and possibly even several decades to become sustainable” amid the green transition. 

He said, “I think some of the environmental movements have/is part of what is causing people to lose hope in the future.” 

ROME—Under the shadow of the iconic Castel Sant’Angelo, @elonmusk encourages Italian leaders (@GiorgiaMeloni seen here) to incentivise the preservation of an Italian culture through procreation; rejecting “anti-human” divisive ideologies pushing “Woke Mind Virus”.

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— Bree A Dail (@breeadail) December 16, 2023

Here’s where things get juicy. 

Musk then talks about the ‘woke mind virus’ and explains to the crowd, as well as all of Europe: “Please don’t important the woke mind virus from America.” He said the mental virus amplifies racism, sexism, and the ‘isms’ – while claiming to do the opposite as it sows division. 

He explained the woke mind virus has created “an artificial mental civil war” among the people. 

NEW – Elon Musk in Italy: “Please don’t import the woke mind virus” from America: “It divides people.”pic.twitter.com/eZhZHQndXk

— Disclose.tv (@disclosetv) December 16, 2023

The billionaire then explained how he is “very pro-civilization – and in favor of humanity – and our collective conscious expanding on Earth and beyond.” 

Skipping to the latter parts of the discussion, Musk revealed advertisers are returning to social media platform X. He reaffirmed his prior statements about woke Disney: “Disney is deeply infected with the woke mind virus.” 

However, the billionaire said, “At least for now, Disney is deeply infected with the woke mind virus. I think that will eventually change.”  

ELON MUSK: “Disney is deeply infected with the woke mind virus”


— Benny Johnson (@bennyjohnson) December 16, 2023

He then re-emphasized that the woke mind virus “is not a message of joy but a message of division – not a message of love but a message of hate.” 

Musk then called the woke mind virus: “Anti-civilizational.” 

Ending the discussion, Musk then discusses the importance of free speech: “Free speech is incredibly important because if people cannot speak their minds, then we won’t have a democracy,” adding, “The foundation of democracy is freedom of speech.” 

To sum up, Musk is sticking to his guns with his pro-humanity rhetoric, and it’s obvious that being pro-civilization, there is no room for the woke mind virus. 

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Here’s Elon Musk’s full speech in Rome:

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