I’m a professional baker. I tried chocolate cupcakes from 3 grocery stores, and the best were pretty cheap.

I visited the bakery section of popular chains Walmart, Safeway, and Kroger to find out which has the best chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting …


Korean Survival Strategy Format ‘The Genius Game’ From CJ ENM Optioned by Banijay

Banijay Group has optioned survival strategy format “The Genius Game” from Korean powerhouse studio CJ ENM. The “Survivor” distributor picked up the format out of Singapore’s Asia TV Forum for the U.K …


Meghan Markle says her race was only ever “made an issue” when she came to UK

Meghan Markle has opened up about how she was welcomed into the Royal Family at the beginning of her relationship with Prince Harry.


Is there a massive spoiler about who dies in The White Lotus trailer?

Fans think The White Lotus trailer might reveal a spoiler over who dies, and questions whether Ethan kills Cameron out of jealousy.


Padres show there’s nothing small-market about San Diego with Xander Bogaerts deal | Opinion

The Padres sent shock waves through the baseball world with their latest massive cash commitment: 11 years and $280 million for Xander Bogaerts.


Royal Insider Taunts Netflix: ‘Harry & Meghan’ Is a $100M Bust

Fatih Aktas/Anadolu Agency via Getty ImagesFriends of the royal family brushed off the first three episodes of the new Netflix docuseries Harry & Meghan Thursday, expressing relief that the show …


Russia’s war renews nuclear disaster fears. What to know about the dangers of radiation.

Russia’s war in Ukraine has renewed fears of nuclear weapons and dirty bombs. Here’s what to know about the health effects of radiation.


Trump news – live: Ex-president hosts QAnon figure Liz Crokin at Mar-a-Lago as more classified documents found

Donald Trump played host to prominent QAnon influencer and Pizzagate conspiracy theorist Liz Crokin at Mar-a-Lago on Wednesday, with photos showing the pair posing together. Ms Crokin, who continues …


Boston Celtics rock Phoenix Suns in Chris Paul’s return from injury

The Boston Celtics outplayed, outworked and absolutely destroyed the Phoenix Suns, 125-98 Wednesday night at the same Footprint Center in which Dallas drummed them by 33 points to abruptly end their …


How much is a Disney World ticket? More than ever for three parks. See how much prices went up.

The price range for each Disney World park now varies by both date and location with Magic Kingdom topping out at $189 per day.