Colorado man empties gun on 400-pound bear that broke into home

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New York Times columnist: Republicans are ‘America’s problem,’ ‘threat to our democracy’

New York Times columnist Charles Blow suggested that the Republican Party is the real “problem” in America and a “threat to our democracy” in an op-ed on Wednesday.

After Rep. Liz Cheney’s resounding defeat in the Wyoming Republican primary, several media outlets rushed to console or praise her, including Blow’s own paper. While Blow did not defend her as “a rock-ribbed Republican,” he lamented that Cheney’s loss proves the modern GOP is “sufficiently obedient to Donald Trump and his quest to deny and destroy democracy.”

“We must stop thinking it hyperbolic to say that the Republican Party itself is now a threat to our democracy. I understand the queasiness about labeling many of our fellow Americans in that way. I understand that it sounds extreme and overreaching. But how else are we to describe what we are seeing?” Blow wrote.

He argued throughout the piece that the election of Trump in 2016 signaled the opportunity for Republicans to “run headlong” into their “bigotries, intolerances and oppression” that were long kept in the closet.


“Propaganda and disinformation are real and insidious, but I believe that to a large degree, Republicans’ radicalization is willful. Republicans have searched for multiple election cycles for the right vehicle and packaging for their white nationalism, religious nationalism, nativism, craven capitalism and sexism,” Blow claimed.

Blow has frequently attacked Republicans as a racist threat to the country in his pieces. In December, he suggested that the country is “edging closer” to another civil war based on the Republicans’ desire for “the subjugation of all who challenge the white racist patriarchy.”

In May, Blow attacked Republicans in the wake of the Uvalde shooting for turning the country into a “killing field” because of their refusal to support gun restrictions.

Although Blow highlighted a poll that suggested members of both political parties are concerned that democracy and America as a whole are under threat, he reiterated that the situation was “different” for Republicans.


“Republicans are the threat to our democracy because their own preferred form of democracy — one that excludes and suppresses, giving Republicans a fighting chance of maintaining control — is in danger,” Blow closed. “For modern Republicans, democracy only works — and is only worth it — when and if they win.”


On Tuesday, Stephanie Muravchik and Jon A. Shields wrote a guest essay for the New York Times defending Cheney after her loss and similarly attacking “cultish” Republicans for pushing her out of their party.

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Son collected dead father’s funds as body decomposed for years, officials say

Randall Freer, who died last month in Jackson, Calif., is suspected of leaving his father’s body in a recliner in order to collect his funds, authorities said Thursday.

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Blunt warning: Adams scolds illegal cannabis sellers after NYC tows 19 weed trucks

“Many people don’t read the complete law. All they read is, ‘Weed is legal,’ and they just kick into gear,” Adams said. …read more

Inside the Forecast: What the GOP’s streak of special election wins mean for November

Which party has the momentum headed into the homestretch of the midterms? Just look at some of the special elections held over the past few months.

After a long streak of major victories by Republicans, including flipping a South Texas House seat in June, Democrats have overperformed in a handful of recent races, including two congressional elections in Minnesota and Nebraska, in addition to the all-party primaries earlier this month in Washington State.

On this week’s episode of “Inside the Forecast,” Steve Shepard looks at the recent history for clues about November and previous the next big race: a special election for Congress next week in upstate New York that both parties are actively contesting.

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NYC lawyer beats up attacker during fight outside office: ‘I’m no victim’

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CNN is ending ‘Reliable Sources’ and Brian Stelter is leaving the company

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Attack on Salman Rushdie reminds us that the pen is mightier than the knife: Gov. Hochul

Gov. Kathy Hochul: New York state will always stand up to protect freedom of expression, freedom of speech – and we condemn this cowardly attack.


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L.A.’s Eastside Playboys gang target of massive sweep by FBI, LAPD

Playboys gang target of massive sweep, federal charges filed targeting about 40 gang members and associates

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Mali tells UN that France armed Islamist militants

France withdrew the last of its troops from its former colony on Tuesday. Their exit from Mali coincided with a letter Mali sent to the UN stating that France helped Islamist militants to destabilize the Sahel country. …read more