Save on all the winter gear you need during REI’s massive sale

Biden signs bipartisan bill to block importation of Chinese goods produced through forced labor

President Biden signed legislation designed to restrict Chinese imports in response to persecution of Uyghurs in Xinjiang.

Simple ways to stop advertisers from following you online

We all know that prickling feeling when we see an ad online or on our phone for something we just talked about with a friend.

Times Square New Year’s Eve celebration will be scaled back, city says

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced plans for a “scaled back” New Year’s Eve celebration in Times Square, with fewer revelers and everyone required to wear a mask, according to a news release from de Blasio’s office.

Former police officer Kim Potter found guilty of manslaughter in Daunte Wright’s death

Former Minnesota police officer Kim Potter has been found guilty of first- and second-degree manslaughter in the death of Daunte Wright.

Opinion: Rutgers is the last-minute Gator Bowl replacement – but the school should have said no

It’s the ultimate backdoor to the postseason, with Rutgers not only failing to win six games, but getting in at the 11th hour.

Father who lost daughter to fentanyl poisoning sends message to Biden: 'Mr. President, where are you?’

Matt Capelouto calls out President Biden for enabling Mexican drug cartels to bring drugs across the United States’ border.

Restaurant server reveals small tip and bizarre note left by customer in viral TikTok

A post on TikTok sparked a debate among the social media network’s users about whether the customer at the Staten Island Applebees did anything wrong.

Holiday shoppers weigh-in: Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?

Holiday shoppers in New York City weigh in on a hotly debated topic: Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope rolls out for Christmas launch

The James Webb Space Telescope is finally on the launchpad. The space observatory, safely tucked inside an Ariane 5 rocket, is expected to launch on December 25.