Santa will deliver an uncommon white Christmas to some in the US and chestnut-roasting heat to others

This holiday weekend is a tale of two Christmases: Heavy snow, rain and wind are forecast for the entire US West Coast, while potentially record-breaking warmth will toast the South.

Psaki asked 'why didn't anyone think' to order COVID tests earlier, blames lack of demand earlier this year

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said Wednesday that a lack of demand for COVID-19 tests earlier this year handicapped the United States’ ability to ramp up supply.

Maine state trooper carries elderly man who wandered off during snowstorm out of roadside ditch: VIDEO

Dash camera video shows a Maine state trooper locating an elderly man with Alzheimer’s on the side of the road and carrying him out of a ditch amid freezing temperatures.

Time for Senate vote on Build Back Better

Build Back Better Act is a bold attempt to finally address the long-neglected needs of working families and demand that the wealthiest people and largest corporations pay their fair share of taxes.

Wisconsin: Multiple car crashes after semi-trailer slides into median

Authorities in western Wisconsin are trying to sort out multiple crashes along Interstate 94.

Festivus from 'Seinfeld' actually has its roots in a real holiday a writer's dad invented

Festivus is here and many “Seinfeld” fans may be surprised to hear that the holiday is not just a joke invented by the hit sitcom in 1997.

Is the stock market closed on Christmas Eve?

The stock market will be closed on Friday, Christmas Eve, in observance of Christmas, which falls on Saturday this year.

'And Just Like That' reveals how Willie Garson's character Stanford will exit show

Garson played Carrie Bradshaw’s friend Stanford Blatch in the original HBO series “Sex and the City.”

Could you live in a 75-square-foot apartment? Viral TikTok shows off ‘smallest apartment’ in New York

AJ Webber, a musician who just moved to New York, made a TikTok video showing off his 75-square-foot apartment with no bathroom.

Trump touts effectiveness of Covid-19 vaccine

Former President Donald Trump pushed back on a questioner’s skepticism about the effectiveness and safety of the Covid-19 vaccine in a new interview, saying that the “vaccine works” and “people aren’t dying when they take the vaccine.”