John Madden's legendary coaching, broadcasting career celebrated in FOX Sports' Christmas Day documentary

Football fans will get a special look into the career of famed NFL coach and sports broadcaster John Madden in a FOX Sports documentary airing on Christmas Day.

Chicago police warn residents of 'polite' suspect wanted in over 20 armed robberies in one month

Police in Chicago are warning residents of a ‘polite’ gunman who has allegedly carried out 20 robberies over one month.

'Tucker' on Biden running again in 2024 depending on health

‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ welcomed guests Matt Walsh, Hooman Noorchashm, Seth Dillon, Eric Metaxas, Gordon Chang and Forrest Galante.

Gabby Petito led 2021 missing persons cases: flashback

Brian Laundrie, the only person of interest in the Gabby Petito case, walked away under the nose of a Florida police department that claimed it knew exactly where he was.

New York school retracts policy for unvaxxed students after parent complaint

A New York school is getting rid of their mandatory policy for unvaccinated students to produce negative COVID-19 tests following a parental complaint.

Whitmer declares support for Biden vax mandate, flips stance that it would be a 'problem' for MI workforce

The Michigan Democrat said during a Wednesday Zoom roundtable with reporters that she believes the COVID-19 Omicron variant is the harbinger of “tough” times and praised the president’s vaccine mandate for large companies.

Texas refinery blast could push gas above $4 a gallon

• 4 injured after explosion and fire reported at ExxonMobil refinery, officials say
• A key inflation measure just hit a nearly four-decade high
• The world could consume more oil in 2022 than ever before

Icy conditions on I-94 cause crashes and vehicle runoffs in Wisconsin

Icy road conditions have caused vehicle crashes and runoffs on Interstate 94 in west-central Wisconsin on Thursday morning, police said.

'Special Report' on Supreme Court vaccine mandate hearing

‘Special Report’ welcomed guests Morgan Ortagus, Juan Williams and Hugh Hewitt

Fit people drink more than those who don’t exercise : study

Highly fit women and men are more likely to consume alcohol than relatively unfit individuals, according to a new study