Archaeological mystery: Ancient Elamite script from Iran deciphered?

For a long time, the writing system known as “Linear Elamite” was considered illegible. Now a team of archaeologists claims to have partially deciphered the writing system. But other researchers are more hesitant. …read more

NYC Gandhi statue obliterated by vandals, second attack in two weeks

Six men destroyed a statue of Mahatma Gandhi outside of a Hindu temple in Queens early Tuesday morning. …read more

Video captures carjacking suspect crashing head-on into a police car

Dramatic video shows Las Vegas police engaging in a shootout with a carjacking suspect during a high-speed chase. HLN’s Robin Meade reports. …read more

US travelers warned of ‘kidnapping risk’ in some parts of Mexico

The U.S. State Department updated its Travel Advisory for Americans wanting to visit Mexico after “increased risk of crime.”


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Jewish students excluded from sex abuse survivor group accuse SUNY New Paltz of discrimination

The Brandeis Center for Human Rights filed a civil rights complaint with the US Department of Education claiming SUNY’s New Paltz campus condoned antisemitism. …read more

Oyster safety tips following 2 reported deaths linked to the shellfish

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says the belief that “just a few oysters can’t hurt you” is a myth, which it noted in its online “Raw Oysters Myths” guide.  …read more

Wastewater testing, vital in COVID-19 tracking, could help identify monkeypox spread

Monkeypox DNA was recently detected in Los Angeles wastewater, as it has been for almost two months in San Francisco sewage.

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NYC man accused of threatening Fox News anchors avoids prosecution — twice

Jeffrey Rodriguez allegedly sent messages where he repeatedly said he would kill the Fox News anchors and called them “Nazis.” …read more

How Russia is dodging Western sanctions with gray-market imports

A deeper dive into the gray market has meant that Russians continue to have access to such goods as iPhones and Zara dresses even months after their Western makers left Russia. But are these parallel imports even legal? …read more

These California workers were hit hard by COVID-19, new study shows

Employees in the public transit and air industries were far more likely to have COVID-19 outbreaks at their job sites compared with workers in general, the study found.

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