Why this Harvard doctor is optimistic about US overcoming COVID-19 despite ‘epidemic of mistrust’

Paul Farmer has seen the effect of Haiti’s earthquake, Rwanda’s genocide and West Africa’s Ebola outbreak. They show how the US could handle COVID.



Will Trump ever concede to Biden? Approving the transition may be as close as he gets to that, aides say

After Trump faced a series of legal defeats and criticisms by Republicans, his aides pressed him to relent on his refusal to allow a Biden transition.



Politics live updates: China’s President Xi congratulates Joe Biden, Russia’s Putin still a holdout

Chinese President’s Xi Jinping on Wednesday congratulated Joe Biden on his election win, among the last world leaders to do so.



Safety measures are critical if you must host an ill-advised Thanksgiving crowd

If you are hosting a Thanksgiving crowd, here are ways to stay healthy and stop the spread of COVID.



The Full Stop Who Wanted to be Different

Read by Scarlett Brookes from the BBC Radio Drama Company. One sunny morning there was a full stop. He lived on a road of lots of letters and other punctuation, separated by rivers of white. 

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