Cultural Marxism: A Century Old… And Thriving

Cultural Marxism: A Century Old… And Thriving

Authored by Larry Sand via American Greatness,

In 1923, a group of professors known as the Frankfurt School came to the fore. These German Marxists—notably Theodore Adorno, Max Horkheimer, and Herbert Marcuse—harbored a deep disdain for capitalism and traditional morals.

Unfortunately, the professors did not stay in their homeland long. Adolph Hitler’s rise to power forced them out of Germany, and they reemerged at Columbia University in New York City in 1935.

And a century later, the malign effects of their teachings are still with us.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), Critical Race Theory (CRT), Black Lives Matter (BLM), gender indoctrination, wokeism, etc., fade in and out of the news cycle, but they have established a secure foothold in the nation’s culture, notably in our schools.

Cultural Marxism is still pervasive in a significant number of our colleges. In Illinois, legislators want to embed racial considerations into state appropriations for public universities. According to its website, Yale’s Department of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry faculty are told to place “DEI at the center of every decision” when making hires.

There are a few bright spots, however. Public universities in Texas, Florida, and Utah have banned DEI. However, those decisions came from state governments, not from the colleges themselves.

At MIT, a private university, President Sally Kornbluth confirmed in May that the school would “no longer require diversity statements in faculty hiring.”

Also, according to an analysis from, the University of North Carolina spends an estimated $90 million each year on 686 employees who promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in their departments or across the system. But change is on the horizon. In a repudiation of DEI ideology, the UNC Board of Governors voted on May 23 to repeal its diversity policy.

Sadly, at the elementary and high school level, the Marxists predominate. In fact, our K-12 schools lay the groundwork for all the college campus lunacy we see practically on a daily basis.

Christopher Rufo reports that in Portland, the Intifada begins in kindergarten. For example, the teachers union suggests that kindergarteners be gathered into a circle and taught the history of Palestine: “Seventy-five years ago, a lot of decision-makers around the world decided to take away Palestinian land to make a country called Israel. Israel would be a country where rules were mostly fair for Jewish people with white skin. There’s a BIG word for when indigenous land gets taken away to make a country; that’s called settler colonialism.” (Ibram X. Kendi, probably the most strident CRT proponent in the country, contends that kindergarten is too late to start. He thinks that ‘Antiracist’ education should start before age 3.)

The Jew-hating lies have been working. In the three months following the Oct. 7 Hamas attack on Israel, the Anti-Defamation League tallied 256 antisemitic incidents in K-12 schools nationwide.

The Zinn Education Project, named after the late Communist college professor, is advancing its agenda via the “Teach Truth Day of Action,” which is celebrated in June. (There is no specific date.) The goal is to eliminate “right-wing forces” and “fascists,” which the organization laughably insists dominate public education in the country. The Zinners maintain that more than 65 organizations are co-sponsoring the Teach Truth Day of Action, including the Abolitionist Teaching Network, the African American Policy Forum, the American Library Association, Black Lives Matter at School, Black Teacher Project, SNCC Legacy Project, and more.

Notably, the National Education Association is a big supporter of the Teach Truth Day of Action. On its website, the teachers’ union states, “On June 8, educators, students, parents, and community members across the country joined the 4th annual Teach Truth Day of Action, taking part in book exchanges (including banned ones!), historic walks, voter registration drives, and more.”

It’s worth noting that while schools are doing a bang-up job of indoctrinating students, only 22% of eighth-graders scored at or above the NAEP Proficient level on the most recent test in civics, and just 13% scored at or above the NAEP Proficient level in U.S. history.

One state seems to be moving in the right direction. Texas is doing what it can to reinstate tradition by injecting Bible stories into elementary school reading programs. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick praised the curriculum changes, explaining that they will “get us back to teaching, not necessarily the Bible per se, but the stories from the Bible.”

What can be done to stem the Marxists?

In public schools, state laws can help, and local school board elections can make a difference, but when the school bell rings and the classroom door is shut, the teacher will talk about whatever he or she wants to.

Robert Pondiscio, a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and a former fifth-grade teacher, writes that a 2017 RAND Corporation survey found that “99% of elementary teachers and 96% of secondary schools use ‘materials I developed and/or selected myself’ in teaching English language arts. The numbers are virtually the same in math. But putting teachers in charge of creating their own lesson plans or scouring the internet for curriculum materials creates an irresistible opportunity for every imaginable interest group that perceives—not incorrectly—that overworked teachers and a captive young audience equal a rich target for selling products and pushing ideologies.”

As an example, Pondiscio cites a public school in Brooklyn, part of the New York City Board of Education. Kids were sent home with an “activity book” promoting the tenets of the Black Lives Matter movement, including “queer affirming,” “transgender affirming,” and “restorative justice.” The book was not authorized for classroom use by either the N.Y.C. Department of Education or Brooklyn’s Community School District 15. “It appears to have begun its journey into students’ backpacks at the massive ‘Share My Lesson’ website run by the American Federation of Teachers, the nation’s second largest teachers union.”

Pondiscio notes that while they are seldom traceable to formally adopted school curricula, there are 75 different lesson plans and resources for conducting “privilege walks” and more than 100 lessons and resources on “preferred pronouns” at Teachers Pay Teachers, which is another lesson-sharing website.

Additionally, the advocacy group Parents Defending Education has created an Indoctrination Map, which documents countless incidents of “schools teaching lessons on race, gender, or other hot-button issues that parents deemed inappropriate or upsetting.”

Mark Tapson, Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center and culture warrior, along with his wife, homeschool four of their five kids. (Number five will join the others when he is of age.) Tapson asserts that the “aim of the neo-Marxist Left is to break down the family unit by de-legitimizing parents’ legal and moral right to determine how their own children are raised. The Left wants to take your children and grandchildren and raise them as loyal, dependent subjects of the atheistic State, disconnected from their own history and culture, and devoid of critical thinking skills, intellectual independence, or a spiritual dimension.”

Tapson is absolutely correct. The godfather of communism, Karl Marx, taught his followers that the world was divided into two categories—oppressors and oppressed. Marx despised the nuclear family, which he claimed “performs ideological functions for capitalism” and teaches “passive acceptance of hierarchy.” He thought that the destruction of the family model would make it easier to abolish private property.

Sending your kid to school these days is risky business, and parents need to step up and take on that responsibility if at all possible.

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Fri, 06/28/2024 – 17:40