Discover Cheap Flights For Christmas To The Best Destinations

cheap flights for Christmas

Christmas sneaks up quicker and quicker every year. One minute it feels like its forever away, the next you’re counting the weeks and starting to panic. That’s why it’s time to do it differently; take a look at these great destinations for Christmas all of which are accessible with cheap flights for Christmas.

New York City

The city that never sleeps needs no introduction. It is one of the most popular Christmas and New Year destinations in the world. This is partly due to its iconic buildings and partly due to the festive displays and activities which happen across the city.

Try out the ice rink in Central Park or if you’re feeling a little more flush with cash use the one at the Rockefeller Centre.

Just don’t forget to have good medical insurance before you go; just in case.

Santa Claus Village, Finland

What could be better at Christmas than grabbing cheap flights for Christmas at the North Pole with Santa? Technically you’ll be visiting Lapland but you won’t notice or be worried about the difference.

Check out SantaPark, see the elves in the post office and even meet Santa.

Of course, the temperature stays between -12° and -5° so pack warm clothes. You can also try out the slopes with a pair of skis. But again, make sure your travel insurance covers you.

Nuremberg, Germany

This is the place to visit if you want festive markets, mulled wine and perhaps a little spicy gingerbread. This is generally seen as the ultimate destination in Germany to experience the Christmas markets.

It is worth noting that cash works best at these stalls, take plenty with you, your travel credit card will just be a back-up.

Salzburg, Austria

If you’d rather have something a little different then try Salzburg. The locals dress up as Kampus; a mischievous alternative to Santa Claus; they may just be looking for your naughty children!

It’s the 200th birthday of the hymn Silent Night this year; they’ll be extra festivities to mark this occasion!

Pickpocketing and petty crime has been on the rise in Austria; so don’t take out your valuables unless you need to.

Manila, Philippines

If you fancy something a little different then head to the Philippines. Christmas starts here on the 1st December and lasts until the 6th of January.

As a bonus the Philippine Piso is ridiculously cheap; you can vacation here without denting your budget!

Whatever your preference; choose your cheap flights for Christmas today and experience something new and unique.

Enjoy your Christmas holidays & fly away with Sky-Tours!