Flights For Halloween To Discover The Best Halloween Celebrations

flights for Halloween

Halloween is a special time across the world. Although some countries make more effort than others there are plenty of stunning destinations worthy of visiting. It’s time you took a look at the flights for Halloween and where you could end up!


The ‘birthplace’ of Dracula has a mystery and spooky appeal in itself. Add to this the number of Gothic castles and you’re off to a great start.

Dracula’s home, Bran Castle is said to be the home of Vlad the Impaler; a merciless ruler in times gone by.

Take a tour through the castle on Halloween night and discover all the legends; it’s a truly spooktacular evening!


In recent years the Day of the Dead has become better known. It’s a three-day celebration that starts on the 31st October every year.

You’ll need to visit as many different towns as possible to enjoy the variety of celebrations and different atmospheres.

Folk dancing and rowboats of torches are common sights but the best is the huge festival in Oaxaca. Just outside Acapulco, you’ll find one of the biggest parties in the world and an experience you’ll never forget.


Take one of the flights for Halloween to the Emerald Isles to discover the origins of Halloween.

It originally started as a festival to mark the end of the harvest and the start of the period when the dead were able to revisit the mortal world.

It’s still one of the best destinations for Halloween. You can enjoy ghost houses, workshops, scary movies, fireworks and parades. The festival lasts for 9 days!

Sleepy Hollow, New York

This is the home of the headless horseman and a Halloween festival that lasts for the whole of October!

Check out the vampires, witches and ghosts at the Phillipsburg Manor. There is an array of special effects designed to make your blood chill.

There’s plenty of live music, fairs, parades and lantern tours to help you enjoy every moment of your visit.

Long Beach, California

This may not be the first place you think of when hoping to enjoy a scary Halloween but you should be!

Just off Long Beach, you’ll find the ill-fated cruise liner; The Queen Mary. This is perhaps one of the most terrifying and coolest destinations in the world to celebrate Halloween and is definitely not for young children.

There are haunted mazes, monsters and costumes you’re not allowed to wear at any other time of the year. You can calm your racing heart with an excellent array of foods and beverages.

New York

The city that needs no introduction and never sleeps is a great place to enjoy Halloween.

The parade shuts Lower Manhattan and is attended by thousands of people; from all over the world.

There are dancers, amazing costumes and mile-long puppets; you can join in as long as you’re in costume.

You can also try out the after dark Crypt Crawl or even take a ghost walk to see if you find the ghost of Edgar Allen Poe.


You may not have considered visiting one of the famous theme parks in the world; Universal Studies; at Halloween. But, it makes sense!

Using their vast skills and knowledge of special effects the entire park is transformed into a creepy wonderland. You will be terrified.

West Hollywood also hosts one of the largest Halloween parties you’ll find anywhere in the world; with over 500,000 people!


Flights for Halloween can take you across the pond and to one of the many events held in London. Try the world-famous Dungeon in the tower and then enjoy, or be terrified, by an interactive experience that will bring you face to face with Jack the Ripper and Sweeny Todd!

New Orleans, Louisiana

The city that loves festivals does a fantastic one for Halloween. Mix the historical art of voodoo with some truly scary destinations and you’ll have a paranormal tour like no other.

The streets simply come alive with ghosts and ghouls! You can even visit the zoo; enjoy the Halloween parade and soak up one of the best Halloween atmospheres in the world.

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