Get Cheap Flights To Italy & Check Out These Cities!

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It’s probably true that your first thought when you hear Italy is Rome, the Coliseum or perhaps Venice. These are stunning destinations but there are not the only reasons to grab cheap flights to Italy.

In fact, there are several fascinating cities that are much less visited but should be:


If you’ve heard of Mortadella then you may know that this sausage originates in Bologna. This gives you an indication as to how seriously this city takes its food.

Amongst the side streets and alleyways, you’ll find some delightful eateries and taste an array of delicacies.

The city itself is old but has a pleasing balance of Gothic architecture and modern culture. You can experience its history through the most famous landmarks; the Basilica di San Petronio and the Abbazia di Sanos.


Take a step into the past when you visit this beautiful city. The restaurants are generally small but authentic; there are plenty of them so you’ll always be able to find somewhere to eat.

The central square is the place to see a traditional horse race; it happens twice every summer. You can also check out the Duomo and Chiesa di San Domenico to really discover its history.

Don’t forget to try the Chianti made in this region and the traditional Pappardelle pasta with rabbit sauce.


Bordering the Adriatic Sea you can almost see Greece from this ancient port. There is an array of historic churches dating from Roman times and you can visit the relics of St. Nicholas (Father Christmas) which are at the Basilica di San Nicola.

One of the great delights is finding a small side street and an Italian making fresh pasta on the street! You’ll have to try the classic dishes associated with this ancient yet modern city; minestrone soup and orecchiette pasta.


This is the city that gave the world Parmesan cheese and prosciutto. You must taste both while you’re there!

To get around you’ll find there are plenty of bikes for hire; cars are actually a rare sight in this city!

A day trip from here will let you see the headquarters of Lamborghini and you’ll also be impressed to know this was the birthplace of two of Italy’s most famous composers; Toscanini and Verdi.


There are just 52,000 people living in this city but that just makes it more charming. Shielded from the worst of the winter weather by the Sannio and Matese mountains this city has sizzling summers and mild winters.

Many ancient traditions are still used today; you can watch and even learn some of them as you wait for your food.

You’ll also be intrigued by the castles of Capua a Gambatesa and Monforte. They originate from the 15th century but have been rebuilt many times thanks to the frequent earthquakes in this area.


The former capital of Italy has more art galleries and museums than any other city in the country. It offers impressive architecture, friendly locals and is the birthplace of Nutella!

It’s also important to taste the local breadsticks with pasta, local mushrooms and cheese. You can then round off your evening with a sweet drink; a tradition that originates in this Italian city!

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