Homeland Security secretary testifies: Live updates – CNN

DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen says the current cybersecurity threat is “blinking red” and is possibly the “highest threat that we face in the homeland.”

Here’s her exchange with Rep. John Katko:

Katko: With respect to cybersecurity, which I’m the ranking member of that subcommittee right now, there’s a bill that we’re going to be submitting next week that suggests and asks that a cybersecurity infrastructure advisory committee be created, similar to what we did with TSA in the ASAC committee. Are you familiar at all with that bill and are you — do you think that an advisory committee is necessary?

Nielsen: So, we’re happy to work with you on that. We do have a critical infrastructure advisory council already. But we have been looking into whether we need something that can focus more specifically on cyber, because it is a unique expertise, as you well know. So we are happy to continue to have our staff work with you on technical assistance on that.

Katko: And it’s fair to say that cybersecurity is probably one of the biggest threats to our country right now overall, and so the more we can have information flowing, going back and forth between the stakeholders, and Homeland Security, the better it’s going to be.

Nielsen: Yes, sir. I know it’s not the particular topic today but I will just say, as I have said before, the threat to cybersecurity is blinking red. It is absolutely one of, if not the highest, threat that we face in the homeland.

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