Live updates: Paul Manafort sentenced – CNN

Judge Amy Berman Jackson is now correcting statements made about Paul Manafort’s solitary confinement, which was a significant feature of his allocution today.

She said he was in jail not for violating the gag order, but because he broke the bail by breaking the law after his arrest.

Jackson reminded the court he was first sent to Northern Neck Regional Jail, saying she was concerned about how far that jail was, but then Manafort’s team asked for that location. Then he was moved to Alexandria because of their complaints.

She said Manafort “realized the tactic had backfired immediately.” He was in a self-contained (“VIP”) suite in Northern Neck, Jackson added.

“I’m not going to split hairs over whether the word solitary was accurate because he had a room of his own,” Jackson said.

“It was this disingenuous by the part of the defense and repeated the term over and over … for public sympathy …” she added.

What Manafort’s detention quarters looks like now: Now he’s in protective confinement, not technically solitary. He has a window, radio, newspapers and view of TV. He’s released for a few hours a day to walk around and be with other people

“Mr. Manafort, I don’t want to belittle or minimize the discomforts of prison for you. It’s hard on everyone, young and old, rich or poor,” she said.

Jackson noted she hasn’t received doctors orders about his health issues.

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