Trump’s controversial diversity training order is dead – or is it? Colleges are still feeling its effects.

An overturned presidential executive order on diversity training is stirring up fresh debates on college campuses.

UK variant found in Hawaii; Iowa governor lifting mask requirements. Latest COVID-19 updates.

Hawaii’s governor is asking residents to limit Super Bowl parties. President Biden’s relief bill cleared a key procedural step. Latest COVID-19 news.

Do states and cities ‘need’ Biden’s $350 billion in direct COVID-19 relief? It depends where you’re asking

Tax revenue collections for America’s states and cities aren’t as low as once feared. But it’s still left budget holes for many.

Critics say Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez exaggerated her Capitol riot story. Here’s what she said.

Critics claim Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is exaggerating, saying rioters were never in her office. But Ocasio-Cortez never claimed that they were.

‘Putin is turning his main threat into a martyr’: Will attack on Navalny, journalists and 5,700 detained Russians backfire?

Russian political figure Alexei Navalny’s supporters say he was jailed for the crime of daring to survive Vladimir Putin’s efforts to poison him.

Supreme Court blocks enforcement of some California COVID-19 rules for churches

The case was the latest in which the court was asked to consider state orders seeking to slow the spread of COVID-19 in light of the First Amendment.

LSU under federal investigation for compliance with campus safety laws after USA TODAY probe

The investigation will begin immediately and focus on LSU athletics and Greek life. It seeks a trove of documents and access to staff for interviews.

Fox Business Network cancels ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight,’ one of its highest-profile shows

‘Lou Dobbs Tonight,’ hosted by one of former President Donald Trump’s strongest cable-news supporters, has been canceled by Fox Business Network.

Nets’ Kevin Durant doesn’t start game, returns, then ruled out due to NBA health and safety protocols

A strange scene unfolded when Kevin Durant did not start, then was cleared to play only to ultimately be ruled out during the third quarter.

‘These people just want to censor me,’ fired Parler CEO says free speech platform is trying to muzzle him

John Matze, who was fired as Parler CEO last week, says the social media company he created to champion free speech is now trying to muzzle his.