Robert Griffin III suggests new book will detail 'my experience with sexual harassment in Washington'

Former Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III suggested a book he plans to release will detail his “experience with sexual harassment” while he was in the organization.

‘No discipline was warranted’ against accused Michigan school shooter whose parents met with administrators before rampage, superintendent says

There is a “strong possibility” the 15-year-old sophomore accused of killing four fellow students this week at a Michigan high school had the gun in his backpack when he met shortly before the shooting with administrators and his parents over his concerning behavior that day, the prosecutor in the case told CNN on Thursday night.

On Iran, Biden must face facts, end this diplomatic charade and admit Trump was right

There is only one course of action after the disastrous resumption of nuclear talks with Iran: end the talks and resume the Trump administration’s policy of harsh sanctions and isolating Iran.

Record-breaking warm weather forecast to continue across US

Incredible record-breaking warmth continues across much of the country on Friday and lingering through the weekend.

Target to extend store hours for holiday shopping ahead of Christmas starting Sunday

Most Target stores will be open from 7 a.m. to midnight Dec. 5 through Dec. 23 in the final weeks of the holiday season ahead of Christmas.

‘This is all we’ve ever known’ is not what our children should say about school shootings

Our kids know that, on any given day, at any school in America, a gunman can open fire and kill children. Who are we to let that be their reality?

How Supreme Court could decide abortion case: preserve, limit or strike down Roe v. Wade

The Supreme Court case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health is the most significant abortion case in decades as the state of Mississippi is challenging Roe v. Wade. While political figures on both sides of the issue have focused on whether federal abortion rights will be maintained or eliminated, several moments during oral arguments indicated that neither may be the case.

Tensions are rising on Ukraine’s border with Russia. Here’s what you need to know

Tensions between Ukraine and Russia are at their highest in years, with reports of a Russian troop build-up near Russia’s borders with Ukraine fueling fears over Moscow’s intentions.

Transportation Department employee training says women, non-White people are 'oppressed'

The Department of Transportation has been training staffers that non-White people, women and non-citizens are “oppressed” in the U.S., according to training documents reviewed by Fox News.

Judge stays compelled speech order issued against Canadian pastor

A Canadian judge issued a stay against a court order that compelled a Christian pastor to echo government health officials whenever he speaks publicly about COVID-19.