How has the Amazon rainforest changed under Jair Bolsonaro?

As the Brazilian election approaches, DW looks at how the Amazon rainforest has fared almost four years into the presidency of Jair Bolsonaro. …read more

Jake Paul calls out Floyd Mayweather for ‘ruining his legacy’ after latest RIZIN win: ‘Stop wasting your fans’ money’

Jake Paul wants a piece of Floyd Mayweather after the boxing legend’s latest exhibition win. Mayweather, 45, scored a second-round knockout of Mikuru Asakura at Sunday’s Super Rizin headliner, downing …

Five rescuers killed as Typhoon hits the Philippines, forces thousands to flee

Five rescuers were killed in the Philippines after they were sent to a flooded village during a powerful typhoon, authorities said Monday, without releasing details on their cause of death.   …read more

Swiss voters support increase in women’s retirement age

Swiss have voted in favor of the proposal by a narrow margin in a referendum. Another proposal, on imposing stricter regulations on livestock farming, failed to pass. …read more

Developer hustles to build ‘Bustle’ in Penn Station area

Vornado Realty Trust isn’t waiting for final approval of the state’s Empire Station Complex plan, in which Vornado would play a central role, to kick-start its dream for the Penn Station/Madison Square Garden area. …read more

Activist takes on Central Park’s speeding ‘Tour de France’ cyclists with bullhorn, radar device

Jerome Dewald, 71, has devoted several hours every day since May trolling speeding, red light-blowing cyclists at a deadly Central Park intersection. …read more

Analysis: Why Stacey Abrams is a clear underdog in Georgia

The 2022 elections are, so far, shaping up to be better than Democrats had imagined. They’re now favored to hold the Senate, and they appear likely to keep their losses in the House below the historical midterm average for the party that controls the White House. …read more

Putin’s mobilization for war in Ukraine off to chaotic start

• Analysis: Reports of Putin’s problems are mounting
• Video: Leader who has a long working relationship with Putin predicts his next move
• Opinion: Putin’s biggest weakness
• US warns of consequences if Russia uses nuclear weapons …read more

NYC owes children’s education programs millions in city reimbursements

The city owes early childhood education programs millions in reimbursements from last school year — putting thousands of families “at grave risk” of losing services, advocates warn. …read more

Post Malone cancels Boston concert after returning to hospital

It’s been a rough few weeks for Post Malone. …read more