Dolly Parton gets ‘dose of her own medicine’ with COVID-19 shot, rewrites ‘Jolene’ about vaccine

Exhale, country music lovers. Dolly Parton has received a dose of the COVID-19 vaccination.

‘Vaccine angels’ can only do so much: US struggles to make it easier to find COVID-19 vaccination appointments

Despite creating three COVID-19 vaccines in less than a year, America’s fragmented health system doesn’t offer a simple way to sign up to get a shot.

Dr. Oz helps save man suffering heart attack at Newark Airport

TV personality Dr. Oz helped administer CPR, along with Port Authority Officer Jeffrey Croissant, to a 60-year-old heart attack victim.

Creighton coach Greg McDermott apologizes for racially insensitive remarks

Greg McDermott’s comments came after Creighton’s 77-69 loss to Big East rival Xavier. His apology on Twitter comes three days after the incident.

Police bolster security at US Capitol as QAnon theory claims Trump will become president March 4

It’s unclear how many QAnon supporters support the March 4 inauguration theory and whether there will be any violence that day in Washington, D.C.

California’s Pacific Coast Highway is falling into the ocean. Is this the end of the road for one of America’s most scenic drives?

Frequent damage has long plagued the Pacific Coast Highway. In January, another chunk fell into the ocean after intense rainstorms. Can it be saved?

4 things to never put in your garbage disposal

Do not put these 4 things down your garbage disposal.

Duchess Meghan wins legal fees from tabloid in privacy lawsuit; judge rejects publisher’s appeal

A tabloid and its owner lost a privacy lawsuit by Duchess Meghan; now they have to pay her legal fees and their appeal was rejected by the judge.

Sheriff executes search warrant for black box from Tiger Woods’ crashed car

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department says it has downloaded the black-box data from the one-car crash that nearly killed Tiger Woods.

‘Very sad’: At least 13 dead after truck slams into SUV carrying 25 near U.S.-Mexico border

At least 13 people died after an SUV with 25 passengers collided with a semitruck full of gravel near the U.S.-Mexican border in California on Tuesday.