This Is What The FOMC Statement Will Say

Earlier today, we published a complete preview of what to expect from today’s FOMC announcement, and how to trade it. Now courtesy of Goldman, here is a proposed red-line statement that lays out what the Fed is most likely to say today (see bottom of post). But first, recall that in order to justify its

Stocks Slammed As Trump Says “Tariffs Will Stay On”

US equity markets and Treasury bond yields have tumbled following comments from President Trump that “tariffs could be left on China for a long period of time, until China complies with the deal.” Trump, speaking to reporters at the White House before leaving for Ohio, added that top negotiators will be in China this weekend

The Neutered Fed Is Politically Trapped

Authored by Charles Hugh Smith via OfTwoMinds blog, Everyone now knows that the only meaningful goal of Fed policy is propping up the world’s greatest credit-asset bubble. In this era of fake news and deep-fake digital recordings and images, it’s important to use unedited images. With this firmly in mind, here is an unedited photo