Protests delay massive vaccination effort at Dodger stadium; Guantanamo vaccinations paused: Today’s key COVID updates

LAPD tweeted that protesters were peaceful and that all vaccinations scheduled for Dodger stadium would take place.

Analysis: What went wrong with COVID vaccine distribution and how it has tarnished the ‘miracle’

News analysis: The largest public vaccination effort ever was quickly tarnished. Even people leading the effort are at a loss to explain how and why.

Streaming video services like Netflix, Hulu and YouTube TV may raise their rates, but you can still save money

Sling TV, AT&T TV, and Hulu are raising rates. But the lack of the surcharges that cable and satellite TV charges means you can still save money.

Millions of COVID-19 survivors have lost the sense of smell and taste. Will they come back? Not even researchers know.

A year into the COVID-19 pandemic, researchers still aren’t sure when some survivors may regain their senses of smell and taste – if ever.

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron calls impeachment attempt by Breonna Taylor grand jurors a ‘mockery’

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s office says the grand jury ‘had the right and the power to ask for more evidence’ and bring other charges.

Daily routine and a script are back in the Biden White House but how long can it last?

It’s unclear how long President Joe Biden can stick to his routine amid rising partisan conflicts in Congress and a slew of monumental challenges.

‘You don’t say things’: The jobs where sexual harassment and discrimination never stopped

Apprenticeships are spreading as a debt-free path to the middle class. But sexual harassment and discrimination are endemic. Women are seeking change.

‘SNL’: John Krasinski shares kiss with Pete Davidson, gets arrested for participating in Capitol riot

John Krasinski shares a kiss with Pete Davidson who briefly pretends to be Pam from “The Office” to appease “SNL” audiences.

Hilton Valentine, guitarist for The Animals and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, dies at 77

Original guitarist for the Animals and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Hilton Valentine has died. He was 77.

Winners and losers of the blockbuster Matthew Stafford trade between Lions and Rams

Nate Davis breaks down winners, losers of megadeal between Lions and Rams that sends Matthew Stafford to L.A. and Jared Goff and picks to Detroit.