New-look ACC: Teams pursuing Wake Forest, not Clemson

Wake Forest began this season among the large group known as “everybody else” in the Atlantic Coast Conference, the label applied to teams projected to fall in line behind perennial favorite Clemson.

Newt Gingrich: How to protect Taiwan without going to war with China

One of the greatest national security challenges threatening America is the danger of a war with communist China over Taiwan.

Sen. Warren sounds alarm on ‘The View’: Break up Facebook before 2022 elections and ‘true steal comes along’

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., sounded the alarm Wednesday over the potential for Republicans to gain majorities in the House and Senate in the 2022 midterm elections, arguing Democrats needed to take action on breaking up Facebook and passing voting rights legislation before the GOP takes over.

Alabama loss creates potential for wild finish in SEC West

With one Small kick and a rather sizable upset, Texas A&M caused quite a shakeup in the Southeastern Conference Western Division.

3 bean chicken soup for a cozy fall dinner idea

Debi Morgan’s “Three Bean Chicken Soup” recipe is perfect for chilly nights.

NRCC-supported candidate praised Proud Boys at September rally for Capitol rioters

The House GOP’s campaign arm announced Tuesday that an Arizona Republican candidate who praised the Proud Boys in a September speech has advanced to the next level of its campaign support process.

Simmons drama drags on for 76ers without a resolution

This much is known: Ben Simmons is back in Philadelphia. But there’s no clear sign yet the All-Star guard is set to rescind his trade request and actually play for the 76ers.

Biden administration looks to fix supply shortages with Walmart, UPS and FedEx by Christmas

Why are cargo ships not docking? The Biden administration says it will work with UPS, FedEx and retailers to extend hours to help with supply chain.

Norway police say man with bow and arrow killed 1, injured several

A man killed several people and injured others in the Norwegian town of Kongsberg Wednesday evening, according to local police and reports.

Mother of 10-year-old who died of COVID-19 warns pandemic ‘is not over’

A mother whose 10-year-old daughter died of COVID-19 spoke at a school board meeting this week, warning that “COVID is not over.”