Biden’s climate crusade: How his plan to cut carbon emissions, create jobs could impact U.S.

USA TODAY asked experts across the U.S. for their best guesses on the potential impacts of Biden’s climate plan, which has big ideas but few details.

Joe Biden ran on bringing back normalcy. With COVID, riots and a looming impeachment trial, that task just got tougher

The start of Biden’s presidency will be anything but normal with his remarkable inauguration illustrating the difficulty in calming a divided U.S.

Amid access hurdles, grassroots efforts underway to get COVID-19 vaccine to at-risk people of color

Groups nationwide are taking to grassroots efforts to ensure vaccine access for people of color, as early roll out shows disparities and inequities.

Opinion: HBO finishes documentary with tawdry side of Tiger Woods story

Part one of the HBO documentary was smart, poignant and engrossing. Part two goes into the Woods gutter.

Exclusive: Acceptance of COVID-19 vaccine is rising. So is pessimism about getting back to normal.

The findings indicate that Biden’s message is being heard, that the COVID vaccine is safe but things are going to get worse before they get better.

Kansas couple fought COVID-19 together but died, holding hands, at a hospital less than two hours apart

After battling the coronavirus together, Bert and Carol died less than two hours apart, while holding each other’s hands.

Opinion: Intriguing as Brady-Rodgers matchup is, it’s Mahomes who has all eyes on him

Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers have only played each other four times, with Brady winning three games. The lone loss? Their one meeting at Lambeau Field

Joe Biden inaugural address: Aim to unite, but prepare to lead amid bitter division

No need for Biden to go overboard by announcing a Trump pardon or calling for a quick end to his impeachment trial. There must be accountability,

Never a bottom: The defining phrase of Donald Trump’s presidency was ‘new low’

Trump plumbed the depths of so many ‘new lows’ that the phrase became a cliché. Dramatic lows only lasted until an even worse moment came along.

Biden’s first 100 days: From reversing Trump’s immigration policies to COVID-19 relief, here’s what’s on the agenda

Over the past several weeks, Biden has laid out several things he wants to do in his first 100 days to address some of the nation’s most pressing issues.