Democrats need an autopsy to figure out why 74 million Americans voted against them

Self-examination and opening lines of communication can be valuable, and no hand-wringing or sacrifice of any Democratic constituencies is necessary.

Tax season 2021: How to get a bigger, quicker tax refund

Tax filers need to know rules relating to their unemployment checks, charitable contributions, and stimulus cash when trying to snag a tax refund.

COVID-inspired touchless tech and innovations to help keep your home germ-free

Amid the pandemic, interior designers and manufacturers are offering homeowners solutions to reduce the spread of germs and other harmful particles.

2020 was an ‘unusually deadly year’ for shark attacks, with the most deaths since 2013

In what’s being called “an unusually deadly year,” sharks killed 10 people around the world in unprovoked attacks in 2020.

Airlines issue travel waivers as winter storms target Southwest, Midwest

American, Delta, Southwest and United have already issued waivers covering travel on Monday and Tuesday for much of the Midwest.

After snow in Malibu, US braces for series of wintry storms in coming days

Days after it snowed in Malibu for the first time in 14 years, a new series of storms could bring a wintry mess to much of the nation.

Biden overturns Trump’s ban on transgender troops in first moves for Defense Sec. Austin

Former President Donald Trump’s ban on transgender troops was overturned by President Joe Biden in one of his first directives to the Pentagon.

Suspect arrested in Indianapolis shooting that left 5 people and an unborn child dead

Five people and an unborn child were killed early Sunday in Indianapolis, in what police say was the city’s largest mass shooting in more than a decade.

Opinion: Why I voted for LaTroy Hawkins on my Baseball Hall of Fame ballot

LaTroy Hawkins was never an All-Star but was widely admired and respected on and off the field. For that and more, he’s got Bob Nightengale’s vote.

Bills WR Stefon Diggs stood alone on field to watch Chiefs celebrate AFC championship

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs stayed on the field to watch the Kansas City Chiefs celebrate their second consecutive AFC Championship.