How to save the Salton Sea: Proposal to import seawater across California desert is biggest since Hoover Dam

California’s Salton Sea has been drying up for years. Can the proposed infrastructure projects help save it?

ER visits for suicide attempts among girls rose 51% during COVID-19 pandemic, CDC says

ER visits for suspected suicide attempts among girls rose during the COVID-19 pandemic, a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report said.

Darnella Frazier, teen who recorded George Floyd’s murder, awarded Pulitzer Prize Special Citation

Darnella Frazier, who recorded the video capturing George Floyd’s death by Minneapolis police, was awarded a 2021 Pulitzer Prize Special Citation.

Pulitzer Prizes 2021: USA Today Network honored with 3 nods, including win for Indy, 2 finalist citations for Louisville

The 2021 Pulitzer Prize awards included the USA TODAY Network’s IndyStar. The Network’s Louisville Courier-Journal was a finalist.

Does dairy cause acne? Debunking all the lies we’ve been told about our skin

Were you told that adults can’t get acne? You’re not alone. In honor of Acne Awareness Month in June, experts are debunking common skincare myths.

Opinion: Allegations against Bo Schembechler are devastating; so are the stories of abuse

Most people who knew Bo Schembechler say he wouldn’t have stood idly by and let Robert Anderson abuse patients. But alleged victims say otherwise.

What is the new coronavirus Delta variant, and should Americans be worried?

The Delta variant has already impacted both India and the U.K. and is now in the U.S. Health experts say it could lead to a third wave in the country.

The problem with Jeffrey Toobin’s apology

While some of Jeffrey Toobin’s words suggested contrition, his demeanor offered something else.

DOJ asks inspector general to investigate Trump Justice Department’s seizure of Democrats’ phone data

Democrats promptly denounced the data seizure and called for an inspector general investigation.

Florida restricts how US history is taught, seen as a way to get critical race theory out of classroom

The Florida Board of Education approved a rule to keep critical race theory out of the classroom.