The 10 best new TV shows to watch this summer: More ‘Monsters Inc,’ Martin Short and Steve Martin

From Steve Martin teamed up with Selena Gomez to a “Monsters, Inc” sequel, there are great shows coming to TV ready to binge-watch this summer.

US nears 600K deaths as variants increase; Reports: FDA rules millions of doses of J&J vaccine must be discarded: COVID-19 updates

While United States will enter the summer with some of the lowest COVID case rates in months, the country nears 600,000 deaths. Latest COVID news.

‘I am not ashamed’: Disability advocates, experts implore you to stop saying ‘special needs’

Many experts and advocates vehemently oppose the term “special needs,” and say that avoiding the term “disabled” only leads to further stigmatization.

‘Heart-wrenching problem’ for Army in Alaska: 2 bases. 5 months. 6 suicides.

Six soldiers in Alaska have died by suicide in the first five months of 2021, after the Army poured more than $200 million into the state.

Why Biden needs to push cryptocurrency, ransomware issues at the G-7

With two major ransomware attacks in the last month, the White House is keen to fight the global threat to economies.

‘Fixin’ to shock Oklahoma’: Dad supports gay son with pride flag in viral TikTok video

Dad receives over a million views on TikTok after posting a video of his gay son hanging a Pride flag outside their home in Owasso, Oklahoma.

You can get the Echo Show 5 at a great low price ahead of Prime Day 2021

We called the Echo Show 5 “the perfect accessory for your desk”—and you can get it for a big price cut ahead of Prime Day 2021.

Westminster royalty: A champion, teacher and lover of hounds, 85-year-old Patricia Trotter will rule Best in Show

The Westminster Dog Show moves from Madison Square Garden to a historic mansion where the show will be outdoors.

Cryptos are now in 401(k)s. Are they the right investment for your nest egg?

Cryptocurrencies are coming to retirement plans soon. Should you jump in on the mania? Here’s what financial experts say.

Vice President Harris to kick off national vaccination tour in Greenville

Vice President Harris and other top administration officials will travel to several states to urge people to get vaccinated against the coronavirus.