Human remains found in burn area of Chatsworth brush fire

As fire crews were working in the area, they found bones that appeared to be human remains, officials said. The remains were unrelated to the fire.

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‘AGT’: Golden Buzzers Chapel Hart, 12-year-old Maddie face off in ‘most competitive episode’

“America’s Got Talent” has got a serious dilemma: Too few spots in the finale for too many stellar acts.


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Analysis: A very good night for Donald Trump

CNN’s Nia-Malika Henderson and Dana Bash analyze what Rep. Liz Cheney’s loss in the Wyoming GOP primary means for Donald Trump and the state of the Republican party. …read more

Sasha Banks shares video of her car being broken into: ‘Five minutes in Oakland’

Sasha Banks let out her frustrations after her car was broken into in Oakland, Calif., on Tuesday. The pro wrestling and “Mandalorian” star shared a surveillance video on her Instagram story of the perp, dressed in black, breaking the rear windshield of her green Toyota Corolla Crossover at around 2:40 p.m. Pacific Time, appearing to… …read more

India’s Exponent Energy may have found the secret to 15 min rapid EV charging

Bangalore-based Exponent Energy might have come up with a way to deliver 15-minute rapid charging for electric vehicles. The startup, which just raised a $13 million Series A, relies on a combination of its proprietary battery pack and charging infrastructure to achieve such a feat.

Exponent Energy’s business model is geared towards OEMs building commercial EVs for fleet purposes. Ideally, the company works with the OEM to integrate its battery pack, or e^pack, that can then be charged quickly via Exponent’s network of chargers, or e^pumps. Earlier this month, Exponent announced its first partnership with Altigreen, an Indian electric cargo vehicle manufacturer, launching the Exponent-enabled Altigreen neEV HD, a three-wheeler that both companies say can be fully charged, from 0% to 100%, in 15 minutes.

The rub is that the battery pack only charges that quickly when it’s being charged on Exponent’s charging infrastructure — if the e^pack is being charged at a standard charging station, it’ll take about 60 minutes, according to the company. Likewise, the e^pumps don’t deliver the same rapid charge to all EVs, so the two must be scaled side-by-side. This is how Exponent hopes to monetize its energy offerings. It will earn revenue from both the sale of the battery pack to OEMs and the charging on a recurring basis, according to Arun Vinayak, Exponent’s co-founder and CEO.

For comparison, Exponent’s business model is a somewhat similar model to Gogoro, the Taiwanese company that works with OEMs to integrate its swappable batteries into their electric two-wheelers while simultaneously building out swapping stations around the country.

Aside from the monetization logic of including the battery pack and charging infrastructure as a package deal, Vinayak says it just makes sense to do so from a technology perspective.

“15-min rapid charging is a two-sided problem,” said Vinayak. “It’s not just the battery but also the charger. The e^pump delivers 600A of current to the e^pack (15x industry standard) while managing individual cell characteristics including thermals to ensure safety, long battery life and performance consistency even at 50 degrees Celsius. Since our technology is present on both sides, we’re able to manage the flow of energy far more efficiently, safely and rapidly.”

Building out such a network will require funds, which is where Exponent’s Series A comes in. The round, which was led by Lightspeed with participation from YourNest VC, 3one4 Capital and AdvantEdge VC, will be used to scale up the e^pump network to 100 location points in each city Exponent expands into, starting with Bengaluru and eventually making its way to New Delhi, according to Vinayak. The company also aims to deploy 2,000 Exponent-enabled vehicles as part of its partnership with Altigreen.

Vinayak said the e^pack is scalable across multiple form factors, and Exponent Energy is currently in the engineering phase for partnerships in other segments, specifically three-wheeled passenger vehicles and four-wheeled cargo vehicles.

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Alleged serial Florida luggage thief arrested due to Apple Airtag

Two travelers reported their luggage stolen in July and August after their bags never arrived at their destinations. …read more

Boston police harbor unit boats stranded groom to ceremony on island

Patrick Mahoney was due to get married Saturday when the ferry that was scheduled to bring him to the island — where his bride-to-be, Hannah, and others were waiting for him — broke down …read more

Elon Musk ‘not buying any sports teams’ after claiming to take over Manchester United

Manchester United fans have demanded new ownership after a string of poor performances. But after tweeting he was buying the team, billionaire Elon Musk said it was nothing more than a “long-running joke on Twitter.” …read more

Patriots place Super Bowl 49 hero Malcolm Butler on season-ending injured reserve

Malcolm Butler’s attempted comeback with Patriots ended Tuesday with team placing veteran cornerback on season-ending injured reserve.


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José Suarez takes perfect game bid into sixth but Mariners rally to beat Angels

Pitcher José Suarez took a perfect game bid into the sixth, but the Mariners rallied late to beat the Angels 8-2 on Wednesday at Angel Stadium.

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