Teen’s college future hangs on this final letter

Jennifer Zhang is a first-generation American and the first in her family to go to college. Her entire family is invested in what this letter from the University of Pennsylvania says.



Former Palm Beach County GOP leader charged in Capitol riot

Jody Tagaris, 67, is charged with four federal misdemeanors. She was a Republican activist in Palm Beach.



California to offer $116.5M in vaccine prize money; Ohio woman claims state’s first $1M vaccine jackpot: Live COVID-19 updates

At least 10 states, mostly in the Northeast, have reached a goal to vaccinate at least 70% of adults with at least one dose by July 4. Latest COVID-19 news.



What the Memorial Day flag laying ceremony means to one soldier

Over 1,000 joint service members placed flags in front of 260,000 headstones across Arlington National Cemetery in preparation for Memorial Day.



Don’t get excited about Florida cruises yet. The state’s ‘vaccine passport’ ban creates ocean of confusion

Cruise lines plan to sail from Florida and have been approved to do so by the CDC. Will a ban on vaccine passports stop them? The answer is unclear.



COVID-19 cases spiking again at some ICE detention centers. Critics say ICE failed to vaccinate detainees.

Critics blame ICE’s failure to widely provide vaccines to detainees for the rise in COVID-19 cases at several facilities.



Bill Cosby denied parole after he refuses sex offender treatment program

Bill Cosby, who is currently serving three to 10 years in state prison after being convicted of sexual assault in 2018, has been denied parole.



‘It is criminal’: Activists, lawyers demand charges against Louisiana troopers in Ronald Greene’s 2019 death

Louisiana State Police did not open an administrative investigation into the troopers’ use of force until 474 days after Ronald Greene’s death.



Southwest Airlines bans passenger who ‘seriously assaulted’ flight attendant

The airline also said it plans to change in-flight announcements about the federal mask mandate in a bid to ensure compliance.



I survived childbirth during three pandemics – COVID, racism, Black maternal health crisis

I have so many privileges. But I wasn’t prepared to face the possibility of my own premature death at the very moment I celebrated new life.