What type of ground beef you should cook with

It’s important to get the right type of ground beef for different dishes.



‘Soft skills’ are essential: Why college may not have prepared you for success at work

What employers are seeking most, and not finding as often as they’d like, are workers who have what are known as “noncognitive” or “soft” skills.



Tortoise thought to be extinct for 112 years found in Galápagos

This giant tortoise found in Ecuador’s Galápagos National Park in 2019 and is part of a tortoise species thought to have been extinct for 112 years.



Sixers say fan that dumped popcorn on Russell Westbrook ‘will be banned … indefinitely’

Russell Westbrook said of the fan throwing popcorn at him, “This (expletive) is getting out of hand, especially for me.”



Clay Travis and Buck Sexton to fill Rush Limbaugh’s radio slot

The coveted radio slot left by the death of Rush Limbaugh has found its new voices in Clay Travis and Buck Sexton, Premiere Networks announced.



‘That’s on TikTok, not our menu’: Starbucks baristas can make viral drink orders but need time and patience

A recent TikTok trend lists custom ingredients and drinks to order at Starbucks. Some baristas said these orders are time consuming and complicated.



Facebook, YouTube and Twitter lawsuit challenges Trump-inspired Florida law banning ‘censorship’ of conservatives

The tech industry says a Florida law that prevents social media companies from barring the speech of political candidates violates the Constitution.



Christine Wormuth confirmed as first woman secretary of the Army

A day after confirming then reversing Wormuth in an error of process, the Senate unanimously approved her to the post as Army secretary on Thursday.



Surge in hate crimes requires Justice Dept. coordinator, Attorney General Garland says

Attorney General Merrick Garland wants a Justice Department coordinator to oversee hate crime enforcement to combat the surge in U.S. hate offenses.



MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell kicked out of Republican governors meeting

The MyPillow CEO said he wanted to have a conversation with Arizona and Georgia’s governors about the 2020 election.